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flood light projection lamp

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flood light projection lamp Customers Reviews

  • Ok for garage if several units are used

    posted by nonewanted

    - value for price
    - light color
    - does not get hot
    Using 3-4 of these would give a nice lighting for the hobby garage; as a single unit its light power is not high enough to work as a replacement for a 100Watt halogen flood light
    LED technique is coming along, slowly. LED currently cannot fully replace other lighting techniques, but it serves well when low power consumption is required and "bright light" is not the only criteria
  • A great LED light, but final assembly is deadly

    posted by rodell

    Metal parts are extremely well made, and it has very good heatsinking for the high power LED array. The power supply is also high quality - extremely well made.
    With a bit of extra effort mounting the PSU board inside properly, and connecting the earth lead to the case instead of just cutting it off, this would get a 100% recommendation in all respects.
    Great LEDs, excellent metalwork and electronics, but let down badly by exceptionally poor power supply insulation and mounting.
  • light

    posted by dixon90

    Looks pretty decent, nice small light with high light output. The color is actually not bad to look at. Usually warm white LED's a far from being incandescent warm, but this light does the job.
    Not sure about water-tightness, but it has silicon seals all round. It might stand-up to rain showers.
    It's not cheap, it's not expensive either..
    If you are looking for a bright, nicely colored, usable flood light, this is the one to get.
  • If only this was available to the Flower Children

    posted by OM4Ti

    This is a very nice product. While I had to install a different plug for US 110V usage that was no big deal. The light has lots of output and the remote works fairly well at distance up to about 15 feet.
    I have some friends that were Hippies in the 70s and they went crazy when they saw this. They absolutely fell in love with the light. They ordered 4 for their house.
    I would buy this again and I probably will be using more in the future.
  • Projection Lamp - 20Watts

    posted by grasnal

    Wow ! This projector is really big. I could not imagine that it was so big. Well finished unit. As I was afraid of the risk of any kind water infiltration inside the equipment (and so may generate rust), after confirming its proper working, I opened it and verified the correct instalation of any one of the silicone gaskets, being sure that all are in right place ant tightened.
    I use it on replacement of an ordinary 150 Watts xenon projector and I can bet that they have the same intensity of light. Certainly the warming of the unit has no comparison, cause led light, after hours working, remain quite cool. This is good because you do not waste energy through the heat.
    I am planning to buy more three units in order to place them around of the house.I am sure that this projector will last for much time and that my choice for a 20 Watts unit was the best choice.

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