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flint fire Customers Reviews

  • Fire sparkle flint sum up

    posted by SgtMiki

    pretty long fire flintgood plastic handlemetal parts seem to be good qualityergonomic grip (conserning the usage of this tool in the wilderness)pretty good army green color imitation
    would reccomend for everyone, who needs his fire to be done without matches or other fire sourcemaybe a more simple plastic handle would be nice
    so far so good, good offer from DX as usual :)
  • First!!! =P

    posted by mrninja

    -Rod length, 2 3/4 in.
    -Rod diameter 5/16 in.
    -Total length, 4 in.
    -Interesting striker/ bottle opener/ map measuring ruler. (km/mm)
    Interesting striker, have to admit. It caught my eye the first time I saw this. Not sure I would use the striker as a dedicated bottle opener? (Heh...it's better than nothing!)
    Hmm...it's a ferro rod with a striker, and it's under $5. Good Buy!
  • I am actually amazed

    posted by DKMur

    This Thing Lights Lint out of the drier, torn up paper, bits of dry leaves, its got a place to put a Thong on so you can hang it off your neck or backpack.It seems sturdy the protective cover works well
    I think Australian customs thought this was something else. On a Xray it would have looked like a strange spring loaded knife. My package was opened but it was delivered no problem.
    This thing works fine if you want to try one buy one
  • Excellent and cheap item if you are into survival stuff

    posted by NaCl

    Is long and thick, and it doesn´t loose much material when striked. It should last for a long time if used it frecuently, and all your life if is just for the one week in the year you go camping/hiking.To be honest, for every day use you will be better going with a lighter, but if you like survival stuff this fire rod is for you. I´ve bought some other fire rods from DX and this one is the best by far. It comes covered in a non sparking paint, once removed is are ready to be used. It produces lot of hot sparks. I´ve started fire with some rope and just one strike on the rod.I put four stars in ease of use because this kind of items need some knowledge to be used and it doesn´t contain a manual. Any way, once you know how to use it is easy.
    If you like this kind of stuff, buy it with confidence. In my opinion, is the best DX has to offer in this topic. Unless you also like to have magnesium block, in which case sku 33798 is good material.
    I´m very happy with this item, I carry it everyday attached in my keychain.I would buy it again if I lose mine and some more for gifts.
  • BUY IT!

    posted by fishwolf

    This is a great survival package. I bought 2 and they are great! Compass works fine, throws plenty of sparks, stays screwed together well. Scraper does its job well. The texture on it makes it easy to use and open. Its great that is has a cover for the rod so it dosent degrade over time like ferro rods can.
    If you only buy one ferro rod, buy this one! Its is well worth the price even if you never use it. Just knowing you have it is great. It does its job well and could even be used as a self defence striking tool in a pinch.
    Very good all around. Great construction and easy to use as long as you know what to do with it. BUY IT!

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