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flexible tripod Customers Reviews

  • You get what you pay for

    posted by pyrocks

    It is very cheap and You get exactly what the picture shows (WYSIWYG).
    Seems flexible enough to hold light-weight cameras.
    It's not really red, it's purple (to those who care about the color).
    If you have an ultra light camera and your not an expert then this tripod can be the right thing for you. If you have a camera which weighs more than 200 grams then I'd suggest finding something more stable.
  • Decent

    posted by esenboga

    high build quality, small size, ease of use, lightweight.
    product is way better than i expected, i use with a heavy lens and a canon eos 500d, no problems at all. strong yet lightweight so you can carry easily. it can grab almost anything by bending foots properly. i can put it in a backpack without adding extra bulk. even
    you should definetly buy it if you travel so much, take photos, especially in outdoors. it can easily carry a mid-size telephoto lens, attached to a crop-sized body.
  • Good quality, reasonably priced

    posted by mangaforall

    Quality is good, easy to use. The head of the tripod can be fixed with a screw so over time it won't get loose as it could be the case with cheaper tripod.The octopus legs are quite rigid and again it's not gonna become loose easily after several usage which is good !
    I own another very cheap octopus tripod, after 1 usage it can't really hold the position because of the poor quality.In comparison this one is really awesome.
    My usage is with gopro only so far, i didn't try with my canon D500 yet which is much heavier, but i'm confident as the manufacture looks solid.
  • very good for making moves and take photos Universal Flexible Tripod

    posted by Rhandermatos

    Easy to use, can adapt easily on any surface, good material, looks like is durable. The price is fair, light and easy to carry.
    its very easy to set-up with any Iphone, on my situation I have the 4S, with bumper, and fit perfect without take the case off, its perfect. I need to try some crazy angles like upside-down or side catches.
    I recommend for who's that need to make himself films or long takes.
  • Good Product

    posted by Yunnnn

    - Small and light, makes it very portable
    - Relatively stable
    - Legs can wrap around things
    - Can hold lightweight cameras (my camera is around 275 grams), i don't think it can support anything too heavy!
    - VERY cheap
    Good product for its price, you just need to be more gentle with the product as the legs can come off easily with rough handling. However, in the event that it does happen, you'll be glad that they can be attached very easily again!

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