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flexible neck Customers Reviews

  • Nifty little gadget - WORKS!

    posted by Kiet84

    - the goose neck is rigid and stiff. it stays in place when you position the adapter head
    - good solid connection between the adapter head and the light and fan. once you insert the light or fan into the adapter head, it stays there, and requires a bit of force to pull it out. this is good as it won't become loose
    - fan blades are soft flexible plastic paper, lightweight
    - light is actually very bright when close. and can offer some amount of lighting when far.
    - nothing is broken, seems to be made from good quality plastic and metal
    - nice shiny silver colour
    - the USB connector should have been the same silver colour or black. the white plastic makes it look cheap.
    - I dont know how long the light will last. maybe after prolonged use (5+years?) it will be dim. then you should replace the bulb, but you can't really take it apart.
    - the gooseneck will probably become less rigid after prolonged use, but that's normal with goose necks.
    just buy it again if it becomes broken or loose or the light is dim. it's so cheap compared to other USB notebook lights. and plus it's a combo with exchangeable heads, so you don't need to lug around a giant piece of light and fan combo. compact so you can carry it around.
  • Perfect for Nanos!

    posted by albertoscjr

    Exactly the same sold out in Brazil. Good plastic quality. Light really strong. Too flexible and strong neck.A little weight. But weight to me means quality...heheIt's really really a nice product!
    The Pros outweigh the Cons by far. If you are a aquarium enthusiast I would definitely get this.
    I recommend it!And thanks DX for putting more aquariums stuff!
  • Easy to use lamp for your usb device

    posted by skyisgreat

    Easy strong and durable reading lamp to attach to your usb port on your device. It gives you constant strong light arround your device.It is bendable to the angle and degree you want to so it is easy to use in many positions.The colour is uniform and durable as well.
    Worth the price.
    I would buy the item again if needed or to offer to someone neading lighting near a desktop for instance... It has multiple aplications and it giver a bright light. That's why you get it. As simple as that. =)
  • Nice mic dudes!

    posted by Kaort

    Good sound for talk online. Maybe is not the best quality sound, but is a good sound for that mini micro (anyone cna undesrtand me when i speak with a bad conection). I like his form and head. Very usefull in laptop or if your PC is near your head.Is flexible so you can focus directly to your mouth.
    I love the sponge on the head. Seems profesional. Its similar to a TV micro but with a thin stick. The black color is perfect for my laptop colour.
  • Very convenient light

    posted by chrysoula

    It is very convenient. Lots of light, too. I use it for reading my e-book in the dark, and usually only one of its two lamps is enough, since its flexible necks can aim the light just where you want it.
    Good clip, I clip it to the leather case and it just stays there.
    I prefferred it for its 3-AAA power, so I can use rechargeables but it's still running on its first set.
    Very good, convenient and cheap. A perfect companion for night readers.

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