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flexible clip light

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flexible clip light Customers Reviews

  • fiat lux

    posted by diobsb

    -Well, it works as expected. Nice amount of light for a dark room, if you want to read something-It has 2 levels of power... cool
    Well, I thoght this could be a good idea, but in the end I realized that it's better to find a fix lamp beside your bed or any place you're trying to illuminate, because it can't be a bit annoying fixing this thing around as you read a book, for example.
    Well, it can still be a great buy if you are willing to have it hanging, and you have to fix, and you can deal with that swinging light in front of you while you're trying to read something. But nof for me, I'd rather have a lamp on bed's side.
  • Great little lamp

    posted by leonno

    Nice and bright light2 different modes for light intensityVery portable due to flexible neckRubber inlay on the clip provides grip
    Probably works great as a reading lamp on a book.
    Great litte lamp with high light intensity. Does excacty what it should do. Personally I would prefer it withouht the hinge on the clip but that's personal.
  • Good light for book reading

    posted by stuntas

    Rather strong light. For reading my kindle I use only one of two lights. Light on battery. Has a USB connector, that's convenient if you use it with laptop.
    Very nice and convenient light. Easy to use, rather good clipper grip. I use it with kindle and other books and it holds perfectly.
    Good value for money. Light is very bright when clipping on book or on kindle.
  • Very useful and a good present, not for tiny books

    posted by tonma

    - Gives out sufficient light - Comes with the batteries included, haven't tested how long they last but since it uses LEDs, it should last long.- Doesn't feel or looks cheap, the rubbery material is nice. It wouldn't be a bad present.
    It's great, now I can read in bed at night without bothering my wife and with much better lighting than with my nightstand lamp. You can use it on the go also as long as you avoid tiny books.
  • Small and easy to cary with you

    posted by Crant

    Small, prortable and provides enough light for reading.The very flexible neck gives you the light exactly where you want it.The clip works perfect for a book.
    I knew it was a long shot that would be strong enough for miniature painting but for 5$ it didn't end my world that it didn't work for that.
    If you wan't a night light for reading get it.

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