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fleece hat Customers Reviews

  • Very good

    posted by xcen3x

    very good hat, very nice materials used, build quality is excellent , feels very nice and cover the whole area behind the neck and ears, highly recommended
    I'm planing to other 1 or 2 more for birthday gifts for my niece or the friends newborns.
    Highly recommended, very good item ,good build ,quality materials used.Hat is very unique I couldn't not find anything in the local store, that's why i decided to buy from here in the first place.
  • Useful

    posted by lillnoesse

    *Warm.*Good look.*Can be worn as a face mask, hat and scarf.*Good price
    It's really warm and nice at least down to -10 degrees C. After that I would recommend wool, not fleece. Maybe it's just me who can't handle it properly, but somehow I can't make it a proper cap (without covering the face) because the top of it is open, leaving the top of my head bare to the cold.
    It's really good for protecting your face against the cold, and for using as a scarf. If the weather is really cold, I would suggest that you're using a proper scarf and a real hat/cap as well, but this is a good buy for the money.
  • Very warm and cozy

    posted by mrsdeppp

    I bought this to go jogging during the winter because my face got very cold. It it very warm. It is also very easy to figure out how to use and can be used in both ways. You can cover your face and it does not get in the way of your breathing.
    If you live in a really cold place this little cap/mask is perfect. The color is nice and the fabric is really soft. It is delicate on the skin and lets you breath. If you live in a warmer place it will look a little strange because it does cover you face and neck, or your entire head, depending on how you chose to put it on, 100%. So you might like a thief to people.
    Great product, if I lived in a place where there was snow and it was really cold I am sure I would have this in all colors. It keeps your head, neck and face totally warm and protected from the cold.
  • Very clever

    posted by VanquishDesign

    This hat keeps your face warm, even on the highest and coldest mountain. The eye section is big enough not to take any sight, but small enough to cover with ski-glasses. The hat can eventually be used as a scarf by using the elastic on top.
    I was afraid of feeling the plastic part on top when using a helmet. Surprisingly that didn't happen!
    Very much worth the money, it's a very comfortable thing!
  • Warm, very nice to the touch but not as clinging as expected

    posted by subcom

    Thick fleece, very warm - to warm to use when driving a car; soft to the touch, enough long to protect the neck when lower part under colar of jacket
    I am thinking about replacing the rubber regulatory for stronger/thicker ones and use additional band to seal the hood
    For this price I fully recomend the item

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