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flat power plug

The perfect flat power plug here to meet all your needs. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. You can also browse eu power plug and universal power plug. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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flat power plug Customers Reviews

  • Adapter

    posted by tikmi

    Cheap and can't be much more easier to use. Necessary thing for DC European users. If you're buying devices with non- european plug and the reduction is not included. No need for operation instructions.
    Very good, cheap, easy to use, could be some other color for not to loose.
    Good product.
  • do the job

    posted by hp8050

    good builf quality,Seems to be made in Japan (which is too good to be true), looks kinda sturdy (my eyes could be full of sand), fells light, has two legs and two holes, black and chromed design, talks, does the loundry, walks the dog, kills terrorists, completes Mario Bros in 10mins, can do a perfect Dragonforce on expert. Thats pretty much it.
    It's a plug.It plugs things. Sometimes it doesn't plug things. Sometimes it just sits on the table and waits to be pluged. Sometimes it plugs it self to death then rises from dead
  • Nice Power Socket

    posted by FredericoRamos

    It is not the best socket I ever seen but It will serve to the proposit It is meant for.
    Did not tested to 10A but looking to the metal structure I think It will be appropriate.
    If you are in a contry like mine (Brazil) where some stupit people changed totaly the standarts for plugs, you will need this for your DIY projects. I like to make some panels to control my stuff and these are handy.
  • can't do without

    posted by opaben

    This tiny, round to flat, powerplug is very handy and you really can't do without when you are a frequent (or not so frequent) traveler to the USA and/or South America. as q European and being used to round powerplugs you really need to bring your own converter if you travel a lot, now this little powerplug converter has it all, easy to stash away anywhere and it comes at a great price, so you might want to buy a few at the same time, so you will never be without when you need one.
    ever wanted to charge your cellphone in a lonely hotelroom and your charger did not fit in the wall outlet.
    this is it people, don't hesitate.
  • Only Chinese manual

    posted by bkeys

    Auto-polarity.Easily adjusts to all cell phone batteries I own.Two LEDs (one red, one red/green) show charging state.
    I had owned another charger (SKU 81076) which went up in a bang and a cloud of smoke after little more than a year, so I went for another one. At the time of purchase, there were no devices with EU plugs available, and I chose this one instead.I'm a bit worried by the voltages shown on the bottom: "USB 6.2V" reads a bit unusual, doesn't it?
    Once one gets used to what it tries to tell me, it's a nice device.


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