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flat network Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by beststorm

    Its good to be placed in the floor or below rugs. I got really impressed on how thin it is. Its thinner than those sata cables, almost half height. Its very malleable and light.
    You still have to know that the cables arent the most important thing in network speed. You can get real fast speeds even with not so good cables. Remember to look to your network adapter and hub/switch/router too.
    I'm satisfied. I bought them cause i tought they were cheapest than any cable i could find here. I wish i had bought the 3M version, cause 5M is more than i expected. I bought also a 1M version and its pefect to carry in my pocket or netbook bag cause its very thin and light.
  • Review:Great!!

    posted by lmnewey

    This Antenna will surprise you i purchased this as a secondary antenna to one which i bought at jaycar to my surprise it actually receives twice as much as the more expensive Jaycar model(both chinese made)works perfectly with (SKU 30605) High Power 802.11b/g wifi USB Adapter, for Example a network approx 1/2 KM away i got -72 dBm with jaycar antenna and -58 dBm reading's from this one, these measurments came from airodump and kismet
    I couldn't help my self i had to pull it apart inside i found a large PCB wich only sit around 6mm of the base reflector. the pcb itself seems to have four printed panels joint to each other by a very fine line to the N connector seems very basic but works very very well
    This is a very cheap antenna that works great i would suggest this to anyone wanting to increase the range of there network or even make a long distance bridge of some kind, but be sure you are able to obtain the correct fittings to connect your access point of wireless device
  • Amazing network cable

    posted by DovidYehoshua

    Cable is great. It works well with no problems.being flat I could run it around a white door frame with a bit of glue and it can not been seen.I highly recommend it.Also was delivered speedily and efficiently.The connections and build are good quality.
    Definitely get it, its great, and the connections are great. I highly recommend it.
    BUY BUY BUY. Good quality and build.It works very well. I would definitely buy again if needed.Highly recommended
  • Good cable

    posted by DeanSA

    I ordered this cable to connect my raspberry pi to my router. What a joy it is to have a cabled connection, prevents many drops of connection and saves me a USB port which I would have used for a network adapter. I like the form factor of the thin blue flat cabling. It is pretty.
    I like this cable.
    A great long distance cable with all you really need and a nice form.
  • It works well. My server runs off of it.

    posted by discofreakboot

    It's definitely a great spare cable if you need one. It's also a good permanent cable if you need one.
    Build quality is great, and the no-snag boots on the ends feel solid.
    Solid connection to ethernet jacks.
    Gigabit ethernet will certainly work over short distances like the length of this cable, but I'd be skeptical about going flat for long runs.
    I've used flat cables like this before and they are absolutely perfect for going through doors or windows. It's not a bad idea to have a spare one of these around in case you have to run a cable in that fashion.
    If you want to run the cable through a door or window, I'd suggest getting this or a shorter one of these and putting ethernet couplers on each end, then completing the run with REAL ethernet cable. That, of course, depends on how long your run needs to be. This can stand on its own as an ethernet link but you definitely don't want to go flat for long distances.

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