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flat network cable Customers Reviews

  • I like it

    posted by QuantumBox

    I bought it to replace my wireless to my laptop, because that was slow. So this is obviously much faster. Another review says there are faster cables, and I'm sure he's right, but this is fast enough for me.
    I like how it's flat, makes it really easy to coil up such a long cord in a really small package.
    The ends feel really well made, with a nice rubber cover to keep the clip from snagging
    I would buy it again. I like how it's shaped, so that keeps it out of the way and allows it to move around easily, as opposed to the round ones, which are stiff and stubborn.
    In my setup, we have a PC near the modem and my laptop across the room, all in the living room. So most of my downloads are through the PC anyway, and the laptop is just for browsing/email/youtube and the occasional quick download. So since the laptop is moving around a lot, a thick round cord would be awkward and annoying. It would kink easily and that would affect performance. So for that reason, I prefer this one.
    But it if your top priority is flexibility or portability.
    But if your router/modem is near your computer and your top priority is speed, then buy a shorter round cable and just connect directly.
  • Great LAN cable

    posted by tinymouse

    Works like a normal "phat" LAN cable but takes less space because of its flat design. It looks really great next to the wall.
    I haven't bought a LAN cable in ages because I've been using WiFi, but my current modem is so crappy that I decided to buy a cable to stay wired while I'm at home. I really like the flat design compared to the old-fashioned cables. Of course there is no problem whatsoever with the speed.
    A very cheap LAN cable with a great design. Just make sure it's long enough for your needs.
  • So Thin!

    posted by dunker

    It's so incredibly thin!It's cheaper than ordinary network cable in SwedenIt's cat 6It works in full speed'sIt feels durable
    I bought it to hide it behind my skirting board..My thought was that a regular cable would not fit behind it.. so I bought this..When it arrived I was making my self ready to start taking down my skirting boards.. and realized that the cable was thin enough to just be slipped under it.. 1-2 hours of work was done in 5-10 minutes because of that
    It made me so happy..Life is good againBuy it
  • Excellent

    posted by banndsand

    Cable is extremely long (100m) and is thin so quite easy to manage. No problems connecting to the network and gives the same upload/download speeds as any other cables of which I am aware. Price is the best that can be found and for such great quality.
    I bought this cable because my wireless network doesn't reach my computers, and most cables found in stores would have the same problem due to the distance, but this is exactly what I was looking for. Definitely a good investment for anyone with a similar problem.
    Great price, great quality, a must-have for anyone who wishes to connect to a network without going wireless.
  • Best Cable

    posted by tz2026

    No-snags work but you can also remove the connector from the jack without pliers.Flat and very flexible. Easy to move.Cable is recognized as 1000Mbps!!!
    Just get these in their various lengths, especially with the bulkrate discount. They work at 1Gb. Being thin and flexible, they are easily routed around the connector. And they are half the cost of the standard cables. They just work, and work well.
    I will be recycling the other stiff and hard to use cables.

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