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This is our best flat black, they all share a great design and great prices. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.

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  • Realy smart headphone to a decent price

    posted by OliverThostrup

    I am happy that i bought these earphones. They are very easy to use and the quality seems to be good. I am really a fan of how you turn the volume up and down and the button were you are able to pick up the phone is something you can never go wrong with.
    They seem very good. The sound is a not perfect but for the price it is good.
    Over all i am happy with the headphones
  • Great quality product

    posted by andreiani

    It's very well built, can't get it twisted in a know, which is actually a very good thing because my old standard cables used to get tied every time I stored them away. The transfer rate is normal, just like any other transfer cable, the only thing that's different about this one is the design which is actually very neat.
    If you want a great quality cable which prevents from getting tied up in a know when storing away I recommend this one.
    Great product... I recommend it. I believe there it is also available in other colors in case you have something against black polka dots.
  • Great tires for the price!

    posted by Allthallus

    Extremely cheap, great for bashing. I'm currently using them on my slash 4x4 and they are great in the snow, much better than the stock ones. I didn't want to spend 70$ on a new set of tires so this was a good buy for me.
    You'll need to buy some tire glue because they aren't already mounted, but tire glue is cheap from your local hobbystore and it's an easy process to complete.
    If you don't want to pay 70$+ for a set of tires, and your just looking to go bashing, these are what you're looking for.
  • Good cable

    posted by violeta21

    Very flexible cable. Good materials and finishing. Lightweight, compared with other HDMI cables. Useful for short connections. I use it to connect my TV set to an HDMI switch on the back of the TV set. Short length avoids tangles.Español:Es un cable muy flexible. Buenos materiales y buen acabado. Ligero comparado con otros cables.Lo uso para conectar el TV con un conmutador automático de HDMI.Al ser un cable corto, evito que se enrede con otros cables por detrás del TV.
    Cheap, very good quality.Español:Muy buena calidad por el precio.
    I recommend this cable for short HDMI connections.Español:Muy recomendable para conexiones cortas.
  • It works solid

    posted by Garmt77

    This cable is pretty sturdy; it's got mesh around the cable making sure it doesn't snag on things. It's not as slim as some other cables but I'd be happier to use this one than a cheaper one.
    I ordered three HDMI cables from DealExtreme in separate sessions; this cable is the only one that continued to work after the first month.
    I'd buy this one, it looks good and works perfectly. What else do you need in a cable :)

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