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flashlights cree u2 Customers Reviews

  • Great value for money

    posted by ClaymoreMD

    - good throw- high brightness- low price- switch is reliable- better quality of the switch than in sku 202255- there is no big difference in the throw between this one and sku 202255.
    I use Ultrafire flashlights for 2 years now, this particular one for several months. Local policemen buy them as a replacement for their Maglites.
    If you are someone whose life depends on reliability of his gear, you may want to get something from Fenix. For 99% of others, this flashlight will offer a great value for their money. It's bright enough for searching for people in hight mode while lasting the whole night in low mode. It's as powerful as a car light and fits into your pocket. If it breaks, you can just order a drop-in module and fix it in a matter of seconds. You can't go wrong with this if you prefer textured reflectors. Otherwise check the sku 202255.
  • Nice EDC and good handling

    posted by koba

    Very good manufactured, the connection threads are very exact, smooth handling while zooming. The light beam is very homogenous during zooming, no centered beam, that means the beam of light is very consitent bright. In wide position aproximately 80 Degrees - very pleasant light, but no centered beam !. I measured 800mA in full mode 400mA in half mode and 100mA in low mode. This means that the cree XM-L U2 works at the most efficient point ! and the Lamp becomes only hand-hot.
    I think the lamps withstands raindrops, but there in no comment for IPXxxx ! I have an older zooming lamp SKU 14450, and this lamp is a big step to quality
    A little bit more light in the center would be nice, but it is a nice lamp for walking or biking. For this price very good overall !!
  • Pretty bright

    posted by Moebius256

    - Bright, sturdy, professional look- Long lasting batteries (2x18650)- Good quality parts- "Uranus Fire" brand is hilarious
    Never owned a CREE flashlight before, it's pretty powerful. Aiming at other people's faces is hazardous, so it should be handled with care.I'm thinking I won't be needing another flashlight for several years to come.
    Whomever came up with "Uranus Fire" should be given a medal.
  • Well worth a iook

    posted by PorkyD

    Build quality is fantastic, from the glass lens to the lube on the O rings it just oozes quality.Comes well presented in its own presentation box so would be great as a gift for someone as isI bought this for lamping vermin and it brilliant on top of the scope. It is mostly used on mid power setting out to about 50 yards but lights up a whole lot longer on mid powerI have tried it on full power and you can just about make out natural granite buildings just over 400 meters away at night which is amazing, I have a 6 cell Mag light and it won't do this
    Would be great if they made coloured filters for these lights
    I would buy another one of these for the house and recommend it to anyone, you won't be disappointed
  • Very bright !

    posted by ShadowLight

    Wow this is BRIIIIIIIGHT ! I tried to power one LED at around 500mA with a constant current source driver, thinking I could stand looking at the beam... I WAS WRONG :)It's brigther than the amber one I was playing with until now.
    Well if 500mA is bright I wonder what it would look like when using a 3000mA current source!Light beam is cold white with a little greenish tint on wide angles, but nothing bad.
    Bright, cheap... I can't tell if this is a genuine CREE led but this buddies are awesome!

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