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flashlight t6 zoom Customers Reviews

  • ok but miner issues

    posted by jonathanm

    - bright- small for its brightness- adapter for 3x AAA battery is included, did not test with 18650- does not scratch easy (I tried with a hobby knife)- Metal body is well-built- good cooling, after 10 minutes continuous use, the body just starts to warm up.
    will do the trick for time-to-time use, a little bit to large for EDC light (Every day Carry)
    The metal housing has a nice build quality, but the missing/broken O-rings would make it unsuitable for use in the rain, if you don't replace them.Very well suited as a hobby-light or emergency light in your car.
  • flashlight

    posted by Martin643

    Looks like very good. It is waterproof. Is a solid and building quality is very good. Excellent shines in a high mode and beam is wide enough. The chip is big compared with other flashlight.
    It's great flashlight but it needs battery with more capacity (least 1200 mah) for longer runtime.
    I have mixed feelings about this flashlight
  • XM-L T6 - in a small Pocket-EDC - Love It ! !

    posted by hurupthy2010

    The XM-L T6 emitter ussually have a more proper place of use in a great number of 18650-powered Flashlights and this SF-117B then, of Course, requires an absolute need of a 14500 Lithium to reach Your Satisfaction and only then the true power of this SUPERB EDC Pocket-device will show.An ordinary AA in the SF-117B simply will not be able to properly fire up the XM-L T6 - MEGA-emitter = lots of light.Several/many other AA/14500 just don´t seem to have the same loss of power (e.g similar designed S08-8 - so far my BEST at the price).SF-117B does not even heat up the way You always experience running most 14500-powered.Machining is PERFECT..
    You may find other, perhaps (for sure!!) a lot smaller lumen-rated similar lights in this specific design, able to be at least as - or even more bright BUT here keep in Mind: The XM-L T6 emitter typically is appx 4-times area of most other and - this incredible AMOUNT of Light then becomes HUGE from zero-appx 100mtrs only provided by lens and, I think, an almost pure emitter-power Light....
    Don´t even bother considering a 18650, unless anyway if You´re a Flashlight Freak so - if You are not in need of a 24-hour run-time.If You need 1-mode only This is what You need - and perhaps not even consider other.RECOMMENDED - running 14500 for full range use.Perfect Job Done having a go building this design with an XM-L T6... Buy - Buy - Buy...!!!
  • Great light

    posted by juanhernandez

    Its waterproof, good material construction, nice led, its come with a AAA adapter, nice packaging (the box in chinese language), 2 lens, etc great stuff.
    I have bought other light with other kind of led (Flood-to-Throw Zooming Cree P4-WC) good product too but the Raysoon has little more light than the P4-WC, and the lantern its a little big too.
    So, if you want a little lantern with grat light buy (Flood-to-Throw Zooming Cree P4-WC) if you want a more big lantern and a little more light buy this RAYSOON. Good choise!
  • Great wide-to-medium spot

    posted by balazer

    It's compact and well made, and quite bright. The optic is most efficient at the wide end of the zoom range, so it does well to cast a wide or medium spot, but it's not super bright when making a tight spot compared to a long-throw flashlight with a fixed optic. The beam is very uniform and nearly circular at the wide setting, and turns into an image of the LED die at the narrow setting, which is square with some lines and notches. Zoom out just a bit from the narrow setting to get a more uniform and larger spot. The zoom mechanism is smooth and easy to use. The wide setting has a beam about 60 degrees wide. The three brightness settings are well distributed and useful.
    The light gets very warm on the high setting, so you know it's using a lot of power. I used SKU 121447 (protected Sanyo 18650 cells), and they are just fine. The light has o-rings, but no seal on the optic. It will probably be fine in the rain, but I wouldn't submerge it in water.
    It's really a nice, well-made light. This should be a great bicycle or walking light.


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