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  • A Decent Flood-To-Throw Light

    posted by MrNicky

    - Sleek loking design.- Tail clicky is GITD so you can see it glowing greenish colour after being charged with light(especially UV light).- Takes only one AA battery.- Holster quality is pretty good.- Can tail stand like Ultrafire C3.- Pretty good sliding friction for the zooming operation. Not to rough yet not too smooth.- There is a thick aluminium body tube inside so I guess the heatsinking capability is not a problem.
    For the price I think it is better to take the sipik model since it come with many great review. I'm not saying this is a bad torch, but I wont give it an ultra-high rating as well. It is decent since it has sleek looking design, pretty good clicky and moderate brightness. If you can bear with the cons of this light then go ahead and get it. Not forget to mention the flood isnt as big as I'd expected, but I cant say for sure since I dont have other f-t-t light to compare to.
    A decent light that is bearable. If you have too much money to spent and are looking for f-t-t light to collect then get this one. Else if you want only one f-t-t light then get the sipik model as others have advised.
  • Bright for a little Light!

    posted by slippery-beef

    For such a small light ... I didn't expect much ... I just wanted a light to carry to work .... BUT Gordon Bennett! This little thing is marvellous! Its so easy to use, comfortable in the hand, any really bright! Its got a nice beam with outer glow (Just like the other review said)I recommend this to anyone.+Nice bright LED (Very slight tint of blue, but not noticeable on the wall)+Easy to hold+Easy to turn on and off+Full metal solid casing+Glass lens+Nice quality/strong clicker button
    Maybe a different colour? Bright green or red? so its easier to find.
    Its a must have for beside the bed? Down the garage? under the sink? Or in the car!
  • Fairly good...

    posted by erez57

    Well really strong to its sized so it can fit anywhere u want. Its well built except for the plastic lens which i'm gonna replace soon. The clip is well built as well and seems very sturdy to any use.
    Awsome flashlight and really gets the work done although the lens thing was very annoying but you can easily buy 10 pack of lenses from DX to replace and keep extra in case...
    I enjoy this light very much and hopefully DX will change the description the plastic lens because its not really fair.
  • very good flashlight

    posted by woutreus

    It arrived sooner than I expected, ( to holland in less than 9 dayd)It came very well boxed, without any damage, i was though a little concerned that there was no manual, ..The light is amazing it easily tops 250m! So the 800 m in theSpecificationlist is a little blow over.I think the 685lm comes, to some 6, 7, & 800 lumens flashlights i have awfully closem
    Good service and good price
    I will probably order again at dx.com
  • Impressive little sucker

    posted by oyster181

    Came with extension tube not advertised. A great bonus. Now I can use AA batteries in it.Output is similar on AA Nimh to CR123 (but noticebly a fraction dimmer).Love the Clicky switch and the lightness.
    It's kept light and useable so it may be used on keyrings? Build quality is expected at this price so very happy. Not built for rough treatment or constant unscrewing.
    LOVE IT. For the money, it's well worth it. Runs on 1.2v to 4.2v. Another bonus.A blinding powerful narrow beam that lights up things a long way away. Add a bit of baby oil to the threads before asembling, if yours was as rough as mine.

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