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  • very nice little light

    posted by djozz

    This light is small, compared to other cr123 lights on dx, light output is impressive (as good as an XRE led can get without extremely overdriven), threading is better than usual, good 0-rings in the right places, clever pill that allows good heat-sinking to the side of the body, nice clicky, less stiff than usual, no contact issues (yet), light works fine every time.
    I used this light to mod it: took the plastic reflector out and replaced it for an aluminium OP-reflector (18,5mm, from dx), swapped the led for a 219 4500K 92+CRI Nichia led. It's now the nicest EDC-light I have ever had, 200+ lumens (educated guess), good beamprofile, very good light quality.
    Can't go wrong with this one: good light for a very good price (even for dx).If you are comfortable with the les than ordinay battery-type, buy one!
  • Lots of light

    posted by ferry

    The amounth of light amazed me, i have another 18650 cell flashlight, but this one is much brighter. And the bundle is more smooth, while the other one has a very bright spot and.I searched for a flashlight with a lot of light, and this type of led BIN is currently one of the best AFAIK.
    Casing is a bit shiny, i rather have the matte black anodized look. But its ridgid, and the flashlight does not switch function when dropping or taking a hit. While some others do.
    Good buy, great on my bicycle, even on low power you'll be clearly visible for car drivers. On high mode you can drive on semi dark roads.
  • Sun in your pocket!

    posted by Fregat

    Very bright! Just the sun or a car headlight in your pocket!
    Nice design and color.
    Smooth reflector gives a good beam.
    The fact that it heats up - it is rather a plus, so the radiator is working and LED will not burn.
    Like many Chinese artefacts - not a bad thing, but in need of repair before the operation.
    I can not say for sure, but I think this is one more fake from the DX.
    This is not UniqueFire.
  • small, handy, adjustable light

    posted by gaz69

    Small and powerfull. adjustable light. If the beam is not focussed it will give a very even spread amount of light so it is very useful when making pictures in a dark environment. When focussed you get a square in the same shape as the led inside.
    I use the flashlight for photografy and then is it very usefull because of the even spread of light. The colour of the light is very white and not so blueish as most of the led-lamps.
    quality ok, useful light for everyday use. Its fits nicely in to jacket pocket.
  • Seems pretty good to me

    posted by ibbleobble

    It's just good to have a 4 amp driver. Well I can't tell if it really is 4 amps, but I'm using it with a Cree xm-l and it's exceedingly bright. on high the led, which is well heatsinked, gets very hot in a few seconds. Without any heatsinking on the PCb, it only gets warm on extensive use. I'm guessing that properly heatsinked, it could handle being on high, but I dare not risk it yet with the XM-l
    I'm putting this in a ridiculous hat mounted headlamp, to be used for catching prawns.
    Good to get a nice powerful driver for these new LEDs.


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