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  • Delivers what promises

    posted by hyper9999

    price, definitely.very bright.
    I bought this to use as a backup dive torch, but have not tested it on a dive yet. I can see an o ring where the batteries are but am a little doubtful whether it can stand pressure higher than a few bars. We'll see.
    Cheap enough to try out. If it floods, I'll just get a new one and add an o ring.
  • Excellent flashlight with few small cons

    posted by akkenoth

    Very bright;Good zooming system (not a movable header but a rotating ring);Good body quality;Not too big, but not small;Anti-rolling nut;Great clip (no way it's getting loose);Works on 18650 batteries
    Great flashlight that needs some small DIY finishing (o-rings)
    It'll fit a standard 1" (2.5cm) scope mount, so mounting it on a gun will be easy (though I wouldn't try it with anything more powerful than .22)
  • Nice EDC flashlight for AAA bateries

    posted by stulew

    Alkaline batteries fit.Threads are smooth.Brightness usable on High & MediumMedium focal distance ~ 20-30 ft maxWhite coloration; not blue, not yellow.Not hefty weight; just right.
    Nice appearance.Upon turning off, and back ON; I think it returns to last setting brightness.This is the one to buy, if not using Lithium batteries.
    For everyday carry (EDC), but not good enough to function as search light.
  • Fantastic light

    posted by saanichton

    Very very bright. Over 5A at tail cap with three 26650 batteries. Hefty construction. Tail stands. 2-Cell option.
    It exceeded my expectations. I was thinking the brightness might not be that good, as each emitter might not get very much current. I have tried several bright lights, some with disappointment. This one did not disappoint me. The 18650 option is great, as I will not leave it on long enough to need the 26650s.
    Recommended for a bright light.
  • My favorite flashlight

    posted by Aflipz

    At least as bright, if not brighter than any CR123A flashlight I have ever owned... This tiny little flashlight does it all from huge flood lighting to a TIGHT little beam that throws light at distances that are quite amazing for a light this compact! Should you ever run out of 14500 lithium 3.6-3.7v cells, it WILL produce decent light (nowhere near as much but still quite usable..) from normal 1.2-1.5v AA cells.
    I like it a LOT better than the other 14500/18650 zooming lights I bought here (which had shark in the name...) anyway, this one is much better; it has a wider zoom range so it can spread light better up close and zoom in on objects farther away and if you think this one's zoom mechanism is sloppy wait until you try the other guy's... also, I have a much more powerful 18650 flashlight I bought from here (raysoon rs-v8) and this smaller Q3 puts it to shame particularly when it comes to throwing light over long distance.
    This is an incredible value. I ordered more... I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend it. Given the size of the light and it's limited power supply, it isn't ideal for extended use; it's more suited to spot something quick than to light your way through a long hike... However it will serve great purpose as a short-term ''high beam'' that serves both for close range, wide area illumination and throwing light precisely over long distances. I must be getting about 30-35 minutes out of 14500 lithiums, using the light a few minute at a time here and there.

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