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  • B.r.ight.

    posted by frollard

    Magnificently bright. Unheard-of bright. wow. bright. Did I mention bright? When compared to my 1400 lumen video projector, it washes out the entire wall making the picture totally disappear, zero contrast. To walk all over a 1400 lumen projector beam like that is mind boggling.on/fade to low/fast strobe with memory is quick to turn on and off.
    Remarkably bright light, not too heavy, gets 'warm' is an understatement. I'd like an 18650 charger w/ 4 slots and potentially 4 batteries included, but what can you do eh?
    If you need a ridonculous light then get this flashlight.
  • Great flashligh

    posted by Xeqtrr

    This is a great flashlight - good built, waterproof up to 50m, good looking. It is a really bright flashlight, it will make a beam up in the sky at night time, even on a clear night. If you turn in on in a dark room and point it at the ceiling, the room will be illuminated as if the main light was on.
    Highly recommended.
    I would recommend this flashlight to everyone - it's the best bang for the buck underwater flashlight you can get.
  • Great flashlight

    posted by GoneFusion

    Can use up 1-4 batteries if you are running short.Very bright, crisp white light 6500K+.Easy to hold and grip in smaller hands.Easy to find and use switch in the dark.Not as heavy as expected.Lasts longer than other 7xT6 lights (tube battery style) with 4 x 18650 cells.
    Would easily buy again or recommend. In fact ordering two more asap as the price is great.
    More practical size/shape for me than the long tube type 7 x T6 Cree lights. Was slightly concerned about the size/usability but I was most pleasantly positively surprised. Super bright, great size, awesome run time.
  • Good value for money with 12V charger

    posted by henkjankempers

    It is a complete set. The light comes with a 18650 battery, a charger and a car charger. It is a sturdy lamp. The light from the LED is cool white. It has a good focused beam.
    The opening for the charger can be closed by turning the ring. I am not to sure this will prevent dirt from coming in. I will be using this light in my car. One of the reasons I bought this one, was the possibility to use 12V charger.
    It's a good value for money lamp
  • Very bright!

    posted by bear123

    - beautiful finish - 2500lm+ for sure- great flood- smooth reflector with no rings in the light- 6x 18650 = long run time- variable brightness- battery indicator LED- IPX8 waterproof - the wall of light this creates still travels 150 meters for a flooder lol, just barely but it does
    - Comparing this to the new Skyray King with the XMLU2 emitters the L3 is brighter so I would believe that it is at least 2500lm+. The thing is this is not as much of thrower. The Skyray King has a slightly tighter hot spot. So they both make it out to the 150 meter mark but the L3 is less bright at that range. However flooding an area right in front of you the L3 fills well. In ceiling bounce tests the L3 was about 10% brighter than the Skyray King. Both of those flashlights tail stand well and create more light than my standard living room lamps in that configuration LOL. Bright flashlights!
    It's a great looking flashlight with cool features. If the driver was executed better it could easily be in my top 5 flashlights. I am not disappointed in owning this flashlight since there is nothing else with this cool interface!


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