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  • Compact, BRIGHT, inexpensive dive light

    posted by Raftingtigger

    Very bright, very small, easy to use light for a great price. I have mine mounted on my GoPro tray with a piece of translucent plastic over the lens as a diffuser. Mounted on a Loc Line arm it is very easy to turn on/off even with heavy gloves. I've pressure tested it to 100' with no problems.
    I bought this as a lark (for $16 how could I go wrong) and mounted it on my GoPro tray as a stand in for the light I was building. I like it so much where it is that unless the run time is really short it will stay there and my project light will find a different use.Given that the case is plastic and the LED is running a lot of power I would be careful in using this above water too long.
    Fantastic light for the price.
  • Good ratio of the price and characteristics

    posted by visharu

    1. Bright, range more than 200 meters. But in the city more than 100 meters.2. Low cost. There are no analogs.3. It isn't heated almost. Good cooling. Reliable.
    ColorTemp ~7600K. It isn't bad, as my UltraFire TH-T60 - ~8100K!! P7 was better: ~6500K. Electric current on the button: 0.95-1.00A (max, with two batteries).Runtime: 2 hours 15 min (max), 3 hours 45min (mid), 7 hours (low) - with two batteries.Stable brightness during the work period.Automatic switching off at a discharge of batteries. TrustFire x8 is a little brighter..
    Look at comparison of Flashlights in my photos.
  • Nice beam work bicycle!

    posted by Infratuna

    I was about to cancel this order, because I wanted "official" bike light with good beam. However DX shipped my order before I managed to cancel it :) I got the lamp today and BOOM, what a beam. It is perfectly square and sharp. Due to sharpness it does not blind others at all which I am really happy! Construction seems solid and zooming works at least now perfectly.
    Fits hardly to Universal Bicycle Mount 8274.Lamp does not weight so much, good or bad?
    Good buy. I dont know about the durability, time will show. This type beam is really good for bicycles.
  • Lots of "light pr.$"

    posted by Bighope

    A fantastic flashlight for people like me (who love flashlights).. Living in Norway with lots of dark nights/evenings, you need too own some flashlights, but this is now my favorite small size,great light flashlight.
    Bright and nice light, in compact flashlight.
    If you feel the standard 200lm flashlights sold everywhere is a bit weak, and need a handy, small, easy to bring along flashlight; this is the right one. and compared to other 200lmsold in Norway, the price is the same!!!Don't think to much, just buy!
  • I love the zooming!

    posted by lilbhemi

    I really love the zooming option. It works very well. I like the aluminium body. Very easy to replace the batteries. It has more modes like flashing, SOS and so on. It has a hook so you can attach it to the belt.
    I like the wide beam a lot more then the beam from another narrow (non zooming) even multi LED flashlights
    I´m going to buy more of these as the price is so great.

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