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flashlight led romisen

Check out the great flashlight led romisen to see if there is any that suits you. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. green led flashlight or solar led flashlight may offer more options for you. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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flashlight led romisen Customers Reviews

  • Stylish light, works great, perfect for a gift

    posted by shilke1

    Stylish light, AAA batteries, small size (perfect for a pocket or handbag), switch is small but easy to activate. Also the Romison brand is known for the quality of product.
    It has been said before, but this light is a great gift. I bought several for Christmas gifts for the ladies that I know and they thought that the nice size was perfect for everyday use. It can easily fit in a pocket or handbag for convenience. Also it looks great and feels good in your hand.
    Romison makes a great product. These lights are no exception. I will be ordering several more, both in the black and silver.
  • one of the best lights I've ever had

    posted by keepcoding

    + very small and light
    + takes CR123A batteries (better than AA or AAA)
    + very bright
    + superb build quality
    Well, I haven't seen a better light with that size so far. Would totally recommend it to everybody who's looking for a small flashlight which is very bright. If you are looking for a light with long runtime, this is definitely not the right one for you!
    I love this flashlight!
  • Very bright

    posted by Marc283

    It's my first cree LED flashlight, and I like it.The flashlight feels solid, well made. No squeeking threads or something. Don't know about the 850 lumens but it's very bright.The light color is blueish white.Can't seem to get the 5 mode's working. It has 2 modes on and off.Don't know what to tell more about a flashlight.
    If you need a complete CREE flashlight this is the one to get, I guess. It costs a bit more than the Trustfires.But this one is delivered completly with 18650 battery and charger.
    Very bright flashlight. Don't need to spend extra cash on batteries and chargers.
  • Decent cheap, bright light

    posted by chubbyhubby02

    Really Bright for the size of the light
    Fairly good battery life
    Magnetic end cap
    Love the twist cap, less to break
    Really good for pocket carry, never managed to turn them on while I was carrying them around.
    If you don't forget to turn them off they are great lights, I'll probably buy a couple more for our cars, just not for work.
  • Better than Led Lenser P7? overall... Yes!

    posted by TaaJau

    + Good brightness.+ Good TIR optics.+ Normal build quality.+ Runs on 18650 battery (fits protected batteries well).+ Good white light color (not as purple as the LED Lenser P7)
    Overall - very good flashlight!I also have LED Lenser P7 and it was interesting to find out which is better? Ok, the LED Lenser has a higher build quality, but everything else is worse. Romisen is slightly brighter (after driver upgrade even more brighter). Romisen has larger lens therefore the flood light is wider.18650 battery has much more energy (compared to 4xAAA)About Modification:I don't like the original Circuit Board, because current falls simultaneously with the battery voltage. So I changed it to sku.6190. Now on Hi mode I got 1000mA. That can burn out the LED, but I do not care, I have a soldering skills, and Q5 LED is not so expensive.
    Even without modifying, Romisen RC-39 is a very good Flashlight with good brightness and run-time balance. But if you have the skills - You can make it even better!

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