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  • cute

    posted by Chiarossi

    is a nice object, a beautiful strong purple color. the whistle emits a beautiful sound and the light is blue light, while the compass is tiny and black. a small gift that fits quite at low price ....
    Gift is a cute but not excellent to do with friends or just want to keep for himself and used in the montage or camping trips
    In conclusion we can say that is not very good ... I expected better ... but for the price that that's OK ... Gift is a cute but not excellent.
  • Could be a lifesaver

    posted by cafemondo

    Working compass
    Loud whistle
    Good mirror
    Very bright LED
    Magnifier works well
    Also has a small container for pills, match heads.
    All round good little item
    I bought 8 to attach to my wetsuit, power kite harnesses, buoyancy aids and to take airsofting as a general signalling/finding tool. It also makes a cheap freebie to throw in with my ebay ads.
    Dunked it into the kitchen sink and still working well and it unscrews to reveal a compartment which still seemed water tight.
    Cant look at the LED its that bright.
    Superb little item for the money, it has many usefull functions which very well could save your life at some point if you do any adventourous activity.
    Well worth the money, lost one star on build quality as it could have been better plastic but probably not at this price.
    Recomended Purchase, thanks for reading.
  • Perfect for all!

    posted by xirito

    Small size, you can take it anywhere
    Durable batterie, it contains 3 batteries and extra 3*392A batteries.
    Good bright, small but very bright
    Perfect for keychains and to carry in your mobile.
    Color is very beautiful, blue alluminium.
    Make at alluminium case very resistant. I do not know if is water resistan, but the interior has rubber gaskets, so I think it is a rain resistant.
    Is not heavy
    Do not hesitate, buy it!. Perfect to gift and your own!
    Simply Perfect! You will not regret!
  • Good tool for survival

    posted by TearOfTheStar

    - Small (for its capabilities)- Good ammount of hot sparks- Working compass- Good amount of magnesium (stick itself and 1 round block)- Usefull information on kit itself & Signalling mirror- Flashlight and mirror
    - Cheap and weak cord (not paracord) can be paracord? it is no so pricey
    Usefull tool for real emergency (not for constant use, to small ferrorod) small and working for 100%. Worth the price.
  • Great product

    posted by theorangecarrot

    This was a great buy, pros were:
    -Great price for what it is
    -Great camo design on it
    -High power LED torch, comes with batteries already installed and ready to use
    -Accurate compass
    -Accurate thermometer
    -Good quality neck rope
    -Magnifying glass is crystal clear
    One trick i discovered how to do with this is that if you take the magnifying glass and mirror out together (they are the black part in the middle) then look into it, you can see a reflection of your own eye magnified. Not exactly a survival skill but awesome nontheless.
    Comes in a sturdy box too so unlikely to be damaged in the mail.
    I would highly recommend buying this, for only a few dollars you can get what you wound pay $11.99 for in a camping shop.

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