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  • why not less for a bit lower price.

    posted by Flav_3

    I honestly only needed one of these but the price is pretty good so I went ahead and ordered these anyway. Not too thick so it won't gap the bezel from the rest of the head. Nice and clean and came scratch free despite the poor packing . Will have enough on hand to replace in case one breaks.
    DX please consider packing these better. I'm a loyal customer however this was the worse packing job so far.
    F minus on the packing
  • Great replacement for Contour Roam Lens!

    posted by dilyb

    Inexpensive yet well constructed; glass doesn't scratch like plastic discs or lenses so great for optical uses; fits precisely in a Contour Roam Model 1600 and may fit in many others (which is important since Contour went out of business and there are a lot of cameras out there with potential to break/scratch their current lens as I did)
    Getting 10 of these is a godsend. I looked all over for replacements for my broken Contour lens now that the company has tanked ... and nothing found ... until now
    A great value to get 10 of these. Even if I break a couple I have many to spare. I've seen others selling plexiglass covers for Contour cameras for gamers who break the lens with plastic pellet guns ... but this is much better optically ... and cheaper to boot!
  • does not fit TrustFire TR-1200

    posted by ajeriver

    clear glass as you would expectseems quite strong / good qualitysmooth edges so you don't slice your fingers off
    would be good if DX sold glass for the trustfire TR 1200 or stated what size lens it requires. It could be that my torch is slightly warped anyway.
    its a piece of glass.....
  • Luis

    posted by Notaply

    Useful for flashlight glass replacements. I was looking for a replacement glass for one of my bike light flashlights, when I found these replacement glasses on DX. They seem to be made of good quality glass material, and seem to be very solid. For the prize, you can't beat it.
    Good product, good prize. Although I would like to see more mm sizes offered for these replacement glasses. There are different diameter sizes for flashlights, and not all of them will you be able to fit these replacement glasses on. That's why I would like to see for size choice offered, for these glasses, like 49mm, 48mm, and so on.
    I would recommend.
  • Fun to play with for P60 hosts...

    posted by shao.fu.tzer

    1. Cheap2. Glass3. Fun to experiment with4. Decent optical quality5. No noticeable imperfections in glass6. Can turn your XR-E into a throw-beast
    I installed this in a Surefire 6P body with Solarforce S5 tail, and A001 Head with Solarforce 3 mode R-2 drop in (OP reflector). The beam is trippy. I get a projection of the LED die in the center with an EXTREMELY pronounced donut (I mean pitch blackness) and a surprising amount of OP textured spill light, even with the A001's ridiculous strike bezel. The beam profile, while ugly is actually quite usable.
    I'm going to buy another just to keep around. They're fun to play with. Different P60 drop ins and hosts will react differently due to the focal length. If you're curious - just buy one!

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