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  • Must have for your Emergency Kit

    posted by Herry.wang

    Cheap price. Does not use battery, so you don't need to worry aboutstocking up battery or leaky battery.Effortless charging
    Purchased this emergency flashlight/radio to supplement my emergency kit supply after recent earthquakes happening in Wellington.
    Must have for your emergency kit
  • Very versatile but pity about the styling

    posted by sheepish

    - Easy to operate, instructions are not required (perhaps apart from that you can use the aux cord as an aerial).- Lots of features: LED torch, FM radio (auto tuning with memory; it found 25 stations and remembered them all), auxiliary input (line and mic both work), MP3 playback from USB flash drive (8GB tested) or TF/microSD card (2GB tested), and a headphone socket.- Pretty good sound quality on headphones and through the speakers considering the size of them. The speakers don't sound tinny; the bass is pretty reasonable. The centre speaker appears to be a passive radiator, so that presumably helps.- Impressive volume from such a small thing. Using my laptop as an auxiliary source, it's louder than the laptop, so this gadget can function as an external computer speaker.- Backlit red display is easy to read unless it has direct sunlight on it, and then only needs the shadow from a hand to be readable.- Red LED shows it's charging. (I don't know how long it'll take.)- Came with a black disc floating around the battery compartment which is a stand that fits in a slot in the back next to the battery compartment. A coin also does the job, even if it's too thin to stay in the slot by itself.- If playing an MP3 file and you change to another input, when you get back to the MP3 file it remembers where in the song you were.
    - USB power cord and 3.5mm stereo auxiliary cord both included.- Needed the aux cable as an aerial for tuning (auto tuned with a push of the play button). The reception wasn't as good without it, and sometimes dropped out completely depending on how I held the gadget, but it did still work most of the time.- There are a couple of holes in the side near the torch end that I presume are for a wrist strap. There was no strap included.- The disc stand has "MUSIC WITH ME" written on it.
    Depending on the particular features wanted there are less expensive MP3 players that are smaller and look nicer, but this one is probably one of the most versatile available. Overall it's quite impressive. Pity about the styling and colour though. And that battery charging is a real worry.
  • great sound!

    posted by Tonydd

    Great sound for the size. Flashlight is about the same as a 3 watt led...very bright. FM works, but isn't great.
    "play" button turns it on/off by holding it down for 3sec. "M" button changes from mp3 player to FM with quick press. Holding down the "M" button for 3 sec turns on siren. While in FM mode, pressing FF or RR buttons advances the tuner .10 each time it's pressed. Holding down FF seeks for local FM stations.
    Very impressed, despite high price. Wife freaked at the 46 dollar price for a flashlight, but was impressed with mp3 player and sound quality. My kids are looking forward to taking this to the beach/camping.
  • Nice one!

    posted by toddel

    Good Quality, feels very High-End...The grey plastc-look-cover is made of metal and it looks very pretty in natura. It feels a lot better tha the plastc bf-888s. It seemstobe inside the same but this housing is much better.CAN HANDLE 6.25kHz Frequencies like PMR!Software is the BF-480, standart Kennwood-Plug-Program-cable...
    I'll buy more of them, seems to be the perfekt Radio for me. If you loose obe or it breaks... Forget about it ;)
    Good Radio for a good Price!
  • Best "Wouxun KG-UVD1P" Dual Frequency Multi Band Walkie-Talkie

    posted by cardmail

    + High build quality housing and electronics+ Transmitter Power output 100%: 4-5W + 10-15KM Range the open+ 3-15KM Range in the mountains+ Double Dual Frequency + Multi Band - VHF/UHF+ FM radio+ Flashlight+ Built-in VOX
    Excellent for quick and high-quality communication in the mountains and in the open. I am pleased with the purchase
    I recommend high build quality to buy best "Wouxun KG-UVD1P"Dual Frequency Multi Band Walkie-Talkie


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