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  • Great Flashlight!

    posted by nichtdu

    * A great flashlight with a lot of power* works with cheap standard batteries and rechargeables* works with 2 or 1 AA* very bright in the high mode* two other very useful modes (mid, low)
    The first one was defect. Second one is working!
    A great flashlight! Cut out the SOS and the strobe mode, put in a bit more quality and we have the perfect flashlight!
  • Awesome light!

    posted by scojj

    Build quality is very good for the price (or even double/triple the price). Smooth grey satin finish is elegant and nice to touch and look at. The light is bright and as white as you can want. To my eyes it's a perfect white... neither warm nor cool. The threads are very nice quality and fitted with o-rings. Using the light on one AA, I notice the light starts off bright, but drops noticeably in intensity after a few seconds. This doesn't happen when using 2xAAs. The light remains at a steady bright level. Therefore I find it's best to use a 2xAA configuration. The beam is quite wide, providing adequate useful flood with a bright spot in the center. There's no rattle of the batteries inside since the fit is perfectly snug. The flashlight has good ergonomics with useful knurling for grip and the shape is easy to hold.
    Best to use with 2xAA since it remains portable and keeps a steady bright light with a long runtime. Looks like this flashlight will become my favorite!
    This flashlight exceeded my expectations. It's very pretty to look at, but more importantly, it's a great size and practical (uses regular AA batteries). Highly recommended for the use around the house, car, or where ever a portable light is needed.
  • Excellent build quality and

    posted by dumell

    The build quality is truly excellent. It has tight, smooth threads that are sealed by o-rings and overall there is a nice, solid feel to it. When it comes to brightness, it clearly outperforms the Romisen RC-G2, as expected, and is approximately equal to the triple-AAA "People's Cree". The light has a tight bright spot with a generous spill and the even distribution of light that you expect from a LED light - no darker or lighter areas within the spill area. The lanyard is large enough to be useful which is not always the case with small LED lights. I like the fact that it uses readily available and cheap AA batteries and that it can take a CR2 battery if you need to remove the "extension tube" to get a really small but bright flashlight.
    The color is less silverly and slightly more bronze-like than the images here leads you to believe.
    Excellent value for your money.
  • NEED TO HAVE awsome light!

    posted by mjensen5

    This light is awsome. It does have the memory so you dont have to go through all the modes. SUPER BRIGHT this thing is as bright as my $100 streamlight stinger. free shipping DX your awsome.
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    Must have light, forget about streamlight and maglight.
  • Excellent!

    posted by lukasandrysik

    * Price is good* Keeps really constant brightness even if input voltage from batteries is desreasing over time*Very good built - all threads are fine and smooth, It really feels much smoother than cheap flashlights*BackCap glows at night - When you wake up in the middle of night, you can really find this flashlight in total darkness - it glows really all night (but your eyes must be adjusted to darkness)*One mode - I like hate strobe and SOS nonsense!*Doesnt get hot even after longer usage
    It has arrow spot beam.At 2.4V it drains 0.6AAt 1.2V it drains 2.2AFor more info watch my video (hope it gets approved)
    Excellent super good built flashlight, definetly worth the money!


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