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flashlight cree xm-l u2 Customers Reviews

  • This flashlight is very nice.

    posted by Sandhoos

    Powered by one 18650 LiON accu it is remarkable small and compact.Only little heavier and bigger as a Single-AA-flashlight but built withexcellent emitter, high brightness and good runtime.Has rounded design, no edges and is very comfortable to carry in your pocket.Fitted O-rings on reflector glass and all threads to be waterproof.Has side switch to easily use with thumb or pointing finger when holding in your hand.Mode arrangment is High (1400mA), Mid (765mA), Low (250mA), fast-strobe, SOS-SOS and OFF.Note: The switch has no direct On-Off function.You always have to switch thru all five modes before switching off (!).The light is pretty bright in High mode at 1400mA.Very well corresponding with the XM-L U2 emitters high efficacy at this current.Providing a long runtime with no critical warming up.
    No sharp edges makes it easy to handle. Can tail stand and even been switched when tail standing.Will not roll off the desk.For its price its very useful and practical. I can recomend this item.
    For its price its very well built and practical. I can recomend this item.
  • nice heavy bright light - 1st impression

    posted by twenty9

    brighter than my Eastward XJ XML-T6 SKU: 50513 which is rated 900 lumensspot is brighter, twice as big and just more light at the wall in ~80m distance+ massive undestructable feel + thick 5mm glass lens+ double O Rings , greased threads+ very good build quality ( got also a SKU 57005 and that one is really crap ... that's the 15$ difference )+ came with strap+ 360° ring switch - works both directons... MAX <- OFF -> STROBE -> MIN -> MID -> MAX -> OFF ... + tripod mount is very useful - tried my pocket camera tripod - works perfect
    after 10 min on high at 23°C outside the lamp is getting warm ... not hot only one marker at the selection ring - a second marking at the opposite site of the mode dial would be goodmine came minimal cratched - usually no problem because this is a tool :) but the scratch is right above the warning sign and I can't read the minutes recommended for not underwater usage - so if anybody could tell me ... only unscrued the battery tube and the lens ring. The reflector sits thight in the head - thats as far as I will go for now - therefore I had no look at the circuit and the switch mechanism. I will dissassemble further after the first love with this light is gone and tinker with with the switch modes - I don't like the flash in first position strobe is alternating - 2 sec very fast - 2 sec fast strobe - 2 sec very fast - and so on
    bought this because of the tripod mount, the nice look and I wanted to try the rotation ring switch first impression is very good
  • Pretty bright

    posted by Moebius256

    - Bright, sturdy, professional look- Long lasting batteries (2x18650)- Good quality parts- "Uranus Fire" brand is hilarious
    Never owned a CREE flashlight before, it's pretty powerful. Aiming at other people's faces is hazardous, so it should be handled with care.I'm thinking I won't be needing another flashlight for several years to come.
    Whomever came up with "Uranus Fire" should be given a medal.
  • Working horse flashlight for daily use

    posted by Sandhoos

    I like this flashlight and use it daily. It earns all five stars.Pros: Description of DX is correct in every detail.Current consumption is as described and driving the excellent LED emitter at a very effective working point. Making it very bright for indoor usage but also bright enough for many outdoor activities.The beam is very even without any irregularities and good for uniform highlighting of big surfaces. NO uncomfortable warming up. Good quality of machining and surface. Even the threads and O rings came well lubed.
    The beam is V shaped at Zoom-In position and at Zoom-Out position the emitter image is projected brightly.PWM Switching frequency in the two dimmed modes is high enough to avoid the stroboscopic effect that some other flashlight have. Well done.
    Did I mention the good price? Hardly to find such a useful buddy at a lower price tag. Would recommend it for the daily use when no extreme values like total Lumen output or highest beam range are needed.
  • Nice EDC and good handling

    posted by koba

    Very good manufactured, the connection threads are very exact, smooth handling while zooming. The light beam is very homogenous during zooming, no centered beam, that means the beam of light is very consitent bright. In wide position aproximately 80 Degrees - very pleasant light, but no centered beam !. I measured 800mA in full mode 400mA in half mode and 100mA in low mode. This means that the cree XM-L U2 works at the most efficient point ! and the Lamp becomes only hand-hot.
    I think the lamps withstands raindrops, but there in no comment for IPXxxx ! I have an older zooming lamp SKU 14450, and this lamp is a big step to quality
    A little bit more light in the center would be nice, but it is a nice lamp for walking or biking. For this price very good overall !!

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