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  • SKYRAY XY-600

    posted by jpjmaas

    I have purchased the Flashlight because I needed a portable lightsource on location that can lit a big area (instead of a huge range). It says 8000 lumen on the side while it says 6000 lumen online, but I think 6000 lumen is even way too high! The good thing is it's made of very solid aluminium and ideal for people with big hands, also the button in the metal handle works fine. Can send sample pics of the beam eventually.
    The price is great for the flashlight, but customs in your own country (in this case the Netherlands) can charge you BIG time for importing it. After I purchased it, I did found a store in the Netherlands that sold it for only $10,40 on top of the $ 98,30.
    It's a great flashlight, but not as bright as the 6000-8000 lumen which is advertised and printed on the side of the flashlight. Also customs can spoil the fun BIG time (always order accu's and charger separately of the flashlight since the total amount of the order will be used to tax as a whole package!!).
  • very powerful, small xm-lt6 light

    posted by nra222

    Very powerful, nice case quality, magnet on tailcap, it does have memory, beam is somewhere between spot and flood, stepless brightnes adjustment.
    It is easy to put small spring on + terminal inside and it eliminates turning off problem. Adjusting to full power is easy - just twist tail cap slightly of and on.
    Very nice compact and powerful light. Works very well as bike light with sku.31871
  • Great Flashlight

    posted by mtonini

    Great flashlight, after install the battery worked perfectly,all functions working properly.Good workmanship, aluminum bronze.Great long-range illumination. The item has a good quality reflector.Delivers what it promises.
    buy super recommendedIt is lightweight, has a good size and has carrying handle. I really liked the product.
    top search / choice in flashlight
  • A small monster in your pocket!

    posted by McAllan

    Small, good size fits perfectly in hand. The side switch makes the experience of a "small big" flashlight complete. With 14500 LiIon - either LiFePO4 or regular LiIon it really shines. With naked eye only very little discernible difference in light output from my much more expensive and bigger Fenix TK40 to this one.
    I may very well hack in a physical switch in the near future to avoid that hassle of high standby drain. Lets see where I can fit it. Have I known about the very high standby drain I might have search for another light. Shame really because in every other aspect it's a wonderful light!Oh the threads came unlubed, screeching and still some polish (abrasive) in them. Really not an issue though as true flashaholics have a tube of their own lube (my favorite teflon lube). Clean out the polish with an old tooth brush to minimize thread wear.
    Except for the standby drain - an outstanding flashlight. Beautiful finish! On eneloop/alkaline it's not quite 630 lm. Probably more like 350 but that's still much more powerful than similar sized flashlights on AA.
  • Great lamp!

    posted by designer2k2

    - smooth surface, no sharp edges- good feel in the hand, well balanced to handle.- side button, no tailcap clicky thing- remembers the mode!!! this is awesome!- long runtime due to 2x 18850- even spot illumination- sharp beam, about 1m in 10m distance- does only warm up a little
    - deliver it with a charger, or at least give a link to where people can get one
    i have it now on my nightdesk, great for quick going around in the house and garden


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