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  • very nice flashlight, buy it !!!

    posted by deejaymatu

    Light weight, great construcion, perfect light bright,battery duration, Cree flashlight.it seems to be a very durable flaslight.It can be charged when you are travelling in the car.The pack comes two "Ultrafire 3000" ma
    the red color is wonderfull
    instead of the no memory for modes, for this price it is a very nice flashlight.100% recommended !!!
  • Nice all around performer - in an attractive green color

    posted by PotentM1

    It may be possible that they underestimated the brightness? Looks somewhat brighter than 120 lumens to me.Striking, very attractive green color - my son's favorite color.Easy to operate - can zoom with one hand and it stays in position.Good neutral white color - no sick purple tinge.Tail stands without wobbling.One of the brightest AA lights I own (not 14500).
    Be sure to remember that this is AA only, not listed as being compatible with 14500 batteries as other Sipik SK68 models are.
    Solid performer from Sipik in a fun color.
  • Nice Little Light

    posted by ironsmiter

    Has mode memoryFairly good optics for a plastic lens.The focus slide is awesome and works very smoothly! Even one handed.Full on is VERY bright on a fully charged 18650 cell."Low" is still brighter than a normal flashlight.Stays fairly cool to the touch
    Originally purchased for the led and optics. Was going to machine my own body and use a different circuit board.Turns out, it's a pretty good light, just the way it is.Planning on running it just the way it shipped, for a while, before tearing apart, and seeing about ending the stupid "flashing" mode.Here's the low down on heat and battery life.Thermal management is pretty good. In just over 1 hour of HIGH mode, the top of the flashlight got warm to the touch. maybe 100F?Second battery to go it, it continued to get warmer while on high. Eventually, it MAY have turned into a scorcher, but I couldn't tell, since I only had two cells to test with, and the light cooled off before the first cell recharged.Once I can't stand it anymore, I will disassemble the light, and see about modifying the circuit to eliminate the flashing. Most of the drop in replacement circuits, it's an easy solder mod, might be here also. Will have to see.
    Great throw on the light.Nice anodized aluminum surface.Stays cool for the entire charge life of the 18650 cell.
  • Cute and floody torch, with some repairable defects.

    posted by SpiderBabyITA

    This torch is small and light, thinner than most AA led torches. It feels good in my hand, it’s easy to pick it up and slide it in a pocket or attach it to a belt loop.It has both a lanyard and a clip: no other torches I have feature such completeness.It has 3 modes: high, medium, and strobe: nice in a cheap 9$ torch.Flood is very floody: a large and homogeneous circle of light. Throw is good too. The sliding mechanism works very well: not loose and not hard to move.The red ring is beautiful and gives this torch a distinctive look, but it also creates the worst problems this light has (see cons).
    I like this torch: it is small and cute, much more than the well known C78. Still, it does not perform as a C78 or a SK68 (I sent a comparative photo) in normal use, but the 3 modes can be handy. Throw is great.
    I would not recommend this as a first-and-only torch, but it is cheap and you can keep it beside the other more serious torches. In the end, if you roll some insulating tape on the red ring you loose some of the looks, but get a very good torch.
  • Good for the price

    posted by bluebanshee

    Nice looking finish. Nice clear lens on light and good threads. Light is very bright for the size and zooms quite well. Shines as far (nearly) as a 2 cell 18650 light but the spot is much smaller, maybe a quarter of the size and not quite as bright. Its brighter and shines further than my SIPIK68 light.
    A belt clip would be nice. An 18650 model in this light would be preferable.
    Happy with the light. Little large for a 14500 light but its fine.


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