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flashlight clip 18650 Customers Reviews

  • Dang its BRIGHT

    posted by CaptKirk

    - BRIGHT flashlight. Brightest LED flashlight I own at this point.- Nice build. Well built, clean threads, smooth switch.- Great size. Mine looks exactly like the picture.- Fits well in your hand- and is fairly small for the light output.- Nice weight- substantial without being too heavy.- On /off only- no weird modes to confuse or frustrate you. - Unbelievable price for what you get.- Wide beam with minimal hot spot. Good general use light.
    - A lanyard would be more useful for me than the clip, but the clip works too.- A low / high mode would have been nice to be able to increase run time but it does seem to have excellent run time as is.
    If you want a bright as heck pocket LED light, get this, you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for a "thrower" then this light may not be for you but you should STILL get it because you WILL like it!!
  • Not bad, if you can repair it

    posted by viamer

    Very bright, my another XML T6 big flashlight with 2.8A driver is just a little bit brighter (and much hotter after several minutes). Never cause battery overcurrent protection to kiks in.looks to be well sealed, O-rings everywhere.Good machining and coating.
    1 mode!!! Bought especially for my mom.
  • Led light very comfortable and functional

    posted by NikkiMaori

    I purchased this light to use it as a light bakup in caving. Excellent feature continuous adjustment of brightness. Very good diffuse lighting, excellent for lighting large areas without being too bright central points. Very compact.
    Very light, many friends and fellow speleological exploration, envy me and asked where to buy it.I removed very easily the magnet, to avoid interference with the compass when you are surveying the cave.
    Good light to be used as headlamp or as you want, it will always be useful.
  • Hands down the best light for the price

    posted by y2jversion1

    This light is like having a portable sun in your pocket. For my job (house inspection) I end up going to many dark areas/properties and this light has never failed. Solid aluminum/metal construction with the crown and very bright beam. For general use, this is the ONLY flash light you'll ever need period. Light has 4 settings - ultra bright, normal bright, fast strobe and SOS morse. Belt clip provides convenient method to carry
    I've bought 6 of these lights and have given them to family and business partner - hands down the best and only flashlight you'll need
    This is my "trusty dusty" light which is always on my belt clip - I NEVER leave home without it now. This is one product that I will 1000% recommend anyone looking for a solid flashlight. At the price, it literally is a steal! One of the best DX products I've bought and recommend.
  • Engineer

    posted by salamiya1

    Flashlight is very bright.
    There are several modes.
    There are o-rings on the joints.
    A good reflector.
    Good LED.
    There is a clip.
    The corrugated surface.
    A good flashlight. It's well worth it for the money. Reliable flashlight. It is not expensive and this is his dignity. Strong robust housing. Lantern hard break. It is binding, because of this it is hard to lose. Attachment is removed. A good quality reflector. Excellent LED! Flashlight is very bright. There are 5 modes. But I do not need modes that are flashing. Need to create one off unwanted modes.
    Among my friends, my most vivid light.

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