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  • 70% Efficiency buck Driver

    posted by amelyman

    27,9 Watts power from source at High mode
    So, looks exactly for SST-90 LED...
    Probably I hame made some mistake thru measuring and the Efficiency is higher...
    I measured with UNIT UT-70A Multimeter the linear voltage and linear current. As I know, it is not exactly correct (LED power is not "Linear")
    Really powerful driver. So, it has 5 modes - 28 watts, 14 watts, 8 watts from the Source and fast strobe and S.O.S. modes.
  • Perfect

    posted by neluferencz

    Good driver that has modes selection,so no more strobe or sos.Very cheap.Has atiny chip so maby hackable.Used whit "sku 57099" and got very good results,flashlight got noticeably brighter,however lowered battery runtime because it draws 2500-2800 mah.
    very good driver(16mm diameter) for xmlt6 led flashlight.Good for ultrafire wf 504b.
    if you want to boost underdrived xml t6 flashlight and if you do not want any strobe or sos mode just buy
  • A bit big but works great!

    posted by fiveseven808

    CHEAPModdableWorks great!Did I mention cheap? This product is amazing I tell you! I tried sticking it in a sku.23653 (which I ordered from ebay and has a broken driver board) and I have to say that High is just as high as direct drive (or at least I can't tell the difference)Low is exactly what I need and Strobe seems very tactical if I do say so myself!!!
    Needs datasheet for pcb sizingWires it came with were nice but unecessaryWasn't shipped in an anti static bag.Aside from the bad, I'm extremely happy with the results and would buy them again! For the price, you really can't complain all too much!
    If your flashlight doesn't have modes, or the modes are dead or something, GET THIS. After fussing with this 3 mode flashlight, I believe that the 5 mode one I have coming my way is going to be less than useful. High, low and strobe is all you really need in a flashlight IMO. Medium sounds like nonsense, and SOS is nice, but not necessary for an EDC flashlight. I recommend this problem if you're technically inclined enough to install it and handle any problems you may come across!
  • 3*7135 chips

    posted by espimones

    7135 chipsRegulatedMemoryReal output advertised
    This regulator drive out fairly steadily 1.4 amps. in max. mode.Exactly: 1.35 in high mode, 0.4 in middle, 0.6 in low (fluctuating in sos and fast strobe modes).I have put it, working together with a 16 mm alu base Cree R5 led in my Trustfire TR-801, and it bright now 25%-30% more than the original Cree Q5 led, giving a really flood light!According Cree data sheets, Cree R5 can hold up 1,5 mA, so this regulated circuit is perfect to this led. Other drivers that can only drive up 1000 Ma, will give 25% less light tan this.
    I recommend it
  • Seems pretty good to me

    posted by ibbleobble

    It's just good to have a 4 amp driver. Well I can't tell if it really is 4 amps, but I'm using it with a Cree xm-l and it's exceedingly bright. on high the led, which is well heatsinked, gets very hot in a few seconds. Without any heatsinking on the PCb, it only gets warm on extensive use. I'm guessing that properly heatsinked, it could handle being on high, but I dare not risk it yet with the XM-l
    I'm putting this in a ridiculous hat mounted headlamp, to be used for catching prawns.
    Good to get a nice powerful driver for these new LEDs.

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