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  • Very good driver

    posted by TheBlackBird2

    I have the old version, the one in the 'customer images' and it's great.
    It is driving a P7 at full 4A in a floodlight every night for more than a year now without any problems.
    I am driving it with a 5V Switching Power Supply capable of 10A set at 5.8V so it can get 5.5V after the voltage drop.
    And if only somebody could tell us how to force them to one mode only it would be perfect.
    Great driver, it can drive a P7 with no problem with enough heatsinking and please somebody find out how to make this one mode.
  • Good 5 mode driver with memory

    posted by Lollerkopter

    - It's very small and compact.- I like the high, middle and low modes - One, or two serially connected Li-ion battery cell is an accepted power source.- The memory mode is very useful.
    I'm using this compact driver to drive a Cree XP-G R5 bin LED. The driver max. current lower than the LED max. current, so less heat generating during operation. You can increase or decrease the max. current, if you replace the sense resistor (0.25 ohm) to lower or higher (or solder other resistor in paralell mode).I very like the memory mode! It's help to forget the High - Mid - Low - Strobe - S.O.S. mode cycle.
    Good, cheap driver. It's works perfectly.
  • WoW with a 14mm Q5 on a RC-G2

    posted by callmeshyguy

    Well It was easily sautered in because it fits in a AA pill esp. Romisen G-2. The mode is a bright high maybe 700-800mA and a low maybe 350mA not to low though as i would of liked. A slow strobe, then fast strobe, then that annoying 10-sec beacon yes 10 second not SOS. Its a 3.7volt input, I tried 1.5v no luck oh well. I tried this one after another driver with the brass spring broke (IC Chip underneath broke it was 17mm)
    Gives my UF 502B R2 a run for its money. I cant believe I created a little throw monster. Maybe more than 250 lumens
    A good driver definately close to advertised "1000mA". Try it you'll love it. 5 modes better than 20 modes simple and no need to sand down even fits AA pills by depth too.
  • Works very well with XM-L

    posted by ujda7

    Works very well with Cree XM-L, brightness is a little weaker than the brightness of my Jetbeam RRT2 R5 (350lm), although based on the maximum current the XM-L brightness should be somewhere around 450lm. Heat is acceptable, PMW flashing is also not visible. It also does not alter the original color temperature of the XM-L LED.
    The reason I bought this is because the flashlight SKU55241 (UltraFire WF-501B XM-LT6 ) I bought was not working. I bought this to replace my WF-501B's original circuit board. Original one claimed can reach around 450lm. But the XML LED brightness powered by this board is almost identical to the original, while the heat generated is greatly reduced.
    At least it works very well.
  • 3*7135 chips

    posted by espimones

    7135 chipsRegulatedMemoryReal output advertised
    This regulator drive out fairly steadily 1.4 amps. in max. mode.Exactly: 1.35 in high mode, 0.4 in middle, 0.6 in low (fluctuating in sos and fast strobe modes).I have put it, working together with a 16 mm alu base Cree R5 led in my Trustfire TR-801, and it bright now 25%-30% more than the original Cree Q5 led, giving a really flood light!According Cree data sheets, Cree R5 can hold up 1,5 mA, so this regulated circuit is perfect to this led. Other drivers that can only drive up 1000 Ma, will give 25% less light tan this.
    I recommend it


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