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Every single flashlight black displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

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  • XM-L2 is the best LED you can get

    posted by Roadrunner666

    It's genuine Cree XM-L2 U2About 20% higher lumen output than XM-L T6Seems it's made wellOf course huge light outputThe best efficiencyIt's XM-L2, succesor of XM-L so it must be good
    As i wrote: It's genuine Cree. But many on E-bay and other stores are too, but important factor is the solder of the chip to the board. There might be bad heat transfer to the board further to the heatsink.
    I burned 2 LEDs ordered elsewhere because of bad solder to the board. Heatsink wasn't hot and LED died.I hope these are better soldered. I'm running it for few weeks nonstop for 1,9A and 650LUM+ almost pasively cooled. I'll write it here if it dies in future.
  • A very good cycle light.

    posted by alexkappis

    Really powerful light beam, "pan-fries" car drivers, in the city! Gives huge confidence at night, in MTB.Very good make, feels tough and durable.Lasts about 6 hours, at low scale.GREAT value-for-money
    Only question refers to reliability over time. If they last, it would be another, very important "pro".It they do not last, it should be a "con".
    GREAT cycle light overall.
  • Great small light

    posted by Deltax

    Very efficient light with very good price.
    Small changes, like the swich it self and little more protection to the class side would make this a cheap safety light.
    I bought two, first for diving and the second as a generallight (or in case this were working as a safety light for diving).
  • Great little LED flashlight!

    posted by logozo

    Fits everywhere, perfect to carry around if you have to fish behind servers, desks or inside cramped spaces. Slips into a backpack or purse easily, uses AAAs (I put a NiMH in it). Bright (for a small LED light.
    That light has only one mode (on/off), no hi/low/strobe - but personally it suits me well as I see this light as a secondary/backup light. Go for a good AA flashlight if you need something better or fore heavier duty use.
    Great little light to keep in an emergency kit, or carry around.
  • Small, but "great great"

    posted by mrexceso

    Its a small flashlight, with the performance of a large flashlight, powered by a AA battery and a 14500, but is very practical, with an AA, I have it in the car and I bought one for my mother...
    It is very practical and comfortable in the hand, the size is perfect does not interfere in the pants pocket, the quality of the finish is very fine and I tested the water in the rain and still works...
    with the performance of a large flashlight, Small, but "great great" ---

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