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Every single flashlight battery displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

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  • Impressed by the X7

    posted by Punga

    * It comes in a fancy box, instead of bubble wrap.
    * The finish on it is perfect. The battery tube is composed of two sections and the paint on each match perfectly, unlike the TrustFire X6. On the X6 the two tube sections vary slightly in paint color.
    * It is a long flashlight, which I prefer, unlike the X2.
    * Smooth reflector and angled in such a way that makes it more of a thrower. The hot spot in the beam is smaller than the X6 and X2 which have the same reflector by the way.
    * It has memory i.e. it remembers what mode it was shut off in.
    * The driver is the best I have seen here on DX for a SST-50. It puts out 4.5 ADC at the emitter, and 1.7 ADC at the switch. For this test I have used 3 Panasonic NCR18650 2900 mAh. The driver looks to be completely redesigned. (see pictures) I wish DX would start selling this driver separately.
    * For modders, one feature I liked about this flashlight is that everything disassembles easy by unscrewing i.e. no pressed parts. You can take this thing apart over and over without damaging it.
    I did mod mine a little. I did what DX member DrBlood suggested for the X6. I added a ground wire from the flashlight body to the driver itself to eliminate any contact problems that may arise. Replaced the wires from the emitter to the driver with a heavier gauge. Since this driver puts out 4.5 ADC to the emitter I did not have to do anything with it.
    I definitely recommend you buy this if you’re thinking about it.
  • Very bright

    posted by Marc283

    It's my first cree LED flashlight, and I like it.The flashlight feels solid, well made. No squeeking threads or something. Don't know about the 850 lumens but it's very bright.The light color is blueish white.Can't seem to get the 5 mode's working. It has 2 modes on and off.Don't know what to tell more about a flashlight.
    If you need a complete CREE flashlight this is the one to get, I guess. It costs a bit more than the Trustfires.But this one is delivered completly with 18650 battery and charger.
    Very bright flashlight. Don't need to spend extra cash on batteries and chargers.
  • great rc123 replacement

    posted by skojevac

    I purchased these as replacement for expensive cr123 and I do not regret it. After receiving I charged them once and let them run dry, than charged them again and let them run dry again as a kind of test. I liked performance since that second time it took a little bit over an our for batteries to run dry. As a test flash light I used one of those fancy surefire lights with proprietary 3.0v xenon bulb which I replaced with oem 3.7v xenon bulb.
    I do not know what would be their run time inside flashlight with a power demanding light bulb, but I found these suitable for regular daily use.
    Definitely a good replacement for primary cr123 batteries
  • good all-rounder

    posted by xulman

    very bright considering the size, all in one pack with battery & charger, good quality body construction, zoom head fits really snug, no rattles after some work (see cons)
    Good beginner package, all included, very bright, after some work really compact and tight, heat could be an issue
    If your a beginner into light its a good buy,if you already have batts and chargers, i'd look for something else...
  • Really nice gadget totally recomendable

    posted by Carloriff

    Really nice as auxiliar battery and lantern in a compact package
    Really nice, totally recomendable i will definetly buy more of them, on my IPhone 5C charges around 70-85%, the lantern is really nice.
    I will buy other colors to test them, until now i´ve bought only white batteriesHas a good price-quality price.totally recomendable i will definetly buy more of them, on my IPhone charges around 70-85%, the lantern is really nice.

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