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  • Good for the price

    posted by bluebanshee

    Nice looking finish. Nice clear lens on light and good threads. Light is very bright for the size and zooms quite well. Shines as far (nearly) as a 2 cell 18650 light but the spot is much smaller, maybe a quarter of the size and not quite as bright. Its brighter and shines further than my SIPIK68 light.
    A belt clip would be nice. An 18650 model in this light would be preferable.
    Happy with the light. Little large for a 14500 light but its fine.
  • Great flashlight!

    posted by BumsfalleraX

    Good build quality, good anodizing. Feels very robust and durable. Reliable clicky switch. Very bright led, no pwm visible to human eye. Orange-peel-like reflector. Very practical and useful beam characteristics (decent compromise with a nice hotspot and some spill around). It’s possible to use the flashlight with only one AA by removing one of the connection parts. Accepts NiMh rechargeable batteries (also for single AA).In terms of light output I can imagine that >150 lm is quite realistic, it can compete very well with my fenix e21.
    Due to the voltage range it should also be possible to use a single 14500 3.7 V Li-ion battery.
    Really decent allround 2xAA flashlight considering the price. Would recommend it to anyone.

    posted by LostDude

    Very powerfull, i used a normal litium battery and it worked very well, i can't wait to use the trust fire battery to see if there is any gain in performace. Can light till like a 100 metters, fits inside the hand, very usefull to camp or night fishing.
    By the photo, i tought it would be bigger, when i saw it at home, ai tought: Oh my God, it won't light anything, but i changed my mind when i use it, very very good flashlight.
    Do what is should do, and do it very well, already ordering another one to use as a step flashlight.
  • Great torch, with a couple of caveats.

    posted by mosfetnz

    This torch is an excellent buy for someone such as me who owns and uses rechargeable AA NiMH cells for most things. Two Eneloops in this baby and you've got a bright torch with a long battery life.
    This problem with the switch seems to happen quite often so it pays to either be very handy with a good soldering station of know someone who is. When they're going well they are a brilliant torch and mine is my best (of about four different models). Oh, some of them came with three position switches, high, medium and strobe. Others were just on / off.
    A great 2 x AA torch that's well worth the money.
  • bringing the light for an alkaline AA torch

    posted by brightrodranger

    * Bright* Uses Alkaline AA batteries fine (NiMH work beautifully too)* Good range of modes (Med = 70% of Hi, Low = 25% of Hi)* gaskets seem to fit and seal well* Threads are smooth and seemed lubed from supplier* Smooth reflector = longer throw (Easily 120-150M on high)* Aluminum body is robust and not easily damaged from dropping (verified this the hard way by accident)
    This torch is my new favorite - it eats AA size Alkaline (Though not very long runtime on HI) which means finding batteries both near and abroad should be easier. Tried it on a 18650 with an adapter, no apparent gain over 3xAA NiMH or Alk. in terms of brightness. Haven't measured the brightness, but believe it to be somewhere in the 550-600 Lumen range on High.
    Finally! A decently bright, Smallish form factor light that doesn't require exotic batteries and chargers - Here it Is! Buy 2, they are worth it, even at the sub $30 price! Load one up with good alkalines and leave in your car's G.B.H. kit...

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