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You'll find the best flashlight 3 mode for you here. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Your support is our greatest motivation.

flashlight 3 mode Customers Reviews

  • Decent light for a good price

    posted by Blaateap

    The casing of the light looks very good. It feels like a bit heavier then a cree light but it adds to the feeling of quality. The seals seems good and the light is also fine.
    The overall quality is very good but if you do not care about the build quality and only about the light, then there are better choices. Otherwise, buy this light.
    Very good light for a good price!
  • BEST penlight available at DX!

    posted by Albertosoto

    High power, three output modes, superb presentation box, available in four different colours, sturdy pocket clip, great fit and finish.Comes with 2x AAA batteries so you can use it right off the box!
    This is an awesome product, elegant and unique dessign. Super performer, three well spaced modes (high, med, low) with mode memory (turns on in the last used mode). Comes with 2x AAA batteries so you can use it right off the box!
    Great choice for gifts. Widely available power source AAA battery and high performance, with excellent eficiency and unique and stylish fit and finish, best penlight I've ever used.Great choice!
  • Wide-Angle Zoom - 2 hrs on high - side switch

    posted by arbantelope

    Super Wide-Angle Zoom - 2 hrs on high - side switch. Does not get hot - only slightly warm.Brightness is good, not blinding, but battery life is great. Feels good in hand - easy to grip and turn on/off with the side switch. Fully zoomed out, this thing throws a huge circular wide-angle light pattern. Great when walking in the dark.
    Unique Dark Green anodized aluminum body.Lens is smaller in diameter than another similar torch. Not good for long distance, get a different flashlight if that's what you want.
    Good value for money. Fully zoomed out, this thing throws a huge circular wide-angle light pattern.
  • rather good

    posted by danli

    Build qualitylight brightnessfocus level3 modes (half-press to change mode)full press - on/off (rememebers tha last mode)balck solid stylegood deep reflector
    Looks like it has overheating block and turns off.if you like tactic style - it is ok.price is ok
    It costs the money I spent. Well built! Solid style.150m beam is rather goodnice sizegood focus and flooddon't like tactical button but can't do with it anythyng. You may buy this, if you like how it looks like
  • Nice and powerfull torch

    posted by skojevac

    It’s a second flashlight I ordered from DX as a spare for the one I have. Since I have a charger and lots of spare batteries will never run dry. So it’s another fine torch, as good as it gets, the three mode button never miss the click, but does not have a memory. The beam it produces is tight, it does not loses focus until used to light something really far away. Uses one 18650 battery that lasts quite long, though it dims out at the end.
    Needs a little lube for o’rings for easier unscrewing and screwing back when changing battery
    If you’re looking for a decent flashlight go for it!

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