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flashlight 18650 xm-l Customers Reviews

  • I´m happy for the time being

    posted by paqkiller

    It has a very powerful led. I tested it on a night diving and it worked fine. The colour light was fine and very powerful. It was the most bright lamp in my diving group. They were gelous...
    I wish it keeps on working for many divings. The diving lasts 66 minutes and the lamp worked on the HI mode all the time. I don´t know the real duration of the batteries yet.
    It´s cheap and it´s still working...
  • Nice compact dive light

    posted by miketsp

    Overall manufactured parts quality very good. Very nice feel to the magnetic switch. I liked the system of going to the left for the constant beams (although I didn't see a lot of difference in practice between Super bright > Hi > Mid) and to the right for the pulsed beams. I haven't dived with it yet but I feel a lot of confidence in the design.Best lanyard I've yet seen on a cheap dive light.
    Advertised as U2 led. Mine both came with T6. As far as I can see from the specs the difference is minimal.I bought a pair of these. After a bad experience with another light that I bought on DX that had been badly assembled and leaked on the first dive, the first thing I did was strip them down completely, lubricate the o-rings with silicone grease and rebuild them making sure the top seals were tight and well seated. One of the lights had a long metal shaving from the thread cutting process stuck up inside that could well have caused problems if I'd just stuck a battery in and gone diving.
    Great value light and very compact for a T6 led with 26650 battery.
  • very bright, poor heatsinking

    posted by Jarlly

    VERY bright- hard to tell if my P7 is on when I turn this thing on! Good machining, comes with double O ring slots at almost all joins (though only 1 o ring fitted). Perfect to use as auxiliary lighting on a motorbike/car with a small amount of bodging. Though if that's your aim you could buy these for a bit less money:
    May want to order a pack of 23mm ID O rings with this if you're going to be using it in the rain a lot.
    the poor heatsinking means this won't last long. If you can fix that, you will have a VERY bright light for not much money with a fairly good runtime. I bought this for use on my motorbike to complement the high beam which I think it'll do very well.
  • Bright, but some issues

    posted by qupada42

    Bright. Very bright.Wide beam with large centre hotspot (much more of a flood than a throw).Glow in the dark front gasket and rear power button.Removable wrist strap (mine didn't come with the split ring in the pictures, the clip was directly through the hole in the light).
    Could do without the blinking mode, perhaps replaced with a low - the mid is not really much dimmer than the high.
    Decent amount of light for the money, not faultless but no particularly fatal flaws.
  • Great buy & solid performer

    posted by NateB

    Uses the T6great white colour & slightly towards the purple end of the spectrum.Even when driven at 3A only marginal gains were had (10-15% approx), so out of the box its a solid performer.
    Definetely worth the upgrade from the x2000 which uses the XR-E, its at least as bright but has about 4x the area of light output.(Comparing to a modified x2000 running XR-E R2 @ 1050mA)
    If you need a zoomer - then get it, massive output & very functional zoom.Only fractional improvements (10-15%) can be had from replacing driver.It is 30mm in diameter as a minimum - so could be difficult in some applications.

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