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flashlight 18650 ultrafire

You can easily find the latest low priced flashlight 18650 ultrafire offered at our online shop. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Find more popular products from ultrafire c2 flashlight, flashlight ultrafire c8. With your support, we can do better.
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flashlight 18650 ultrafire Customers Reviews

  • pretty good

    posted by coreyg13

    Very bright for such a relatively small light. Great craftsmanship, smooth fittings twist off easy, O rings everywhere. Great for hunting, camping and everyday use. Love the two mode switch for when you don’t need to wake up the neighbors. Great flood and throw. Has more flood then my Stinger and maybe a little more throw.
    Two mode is perfect for when you need ultra bright and just a little light
    Buying more for a couple of guys I deer hunt with. This is the light you want for tracking deer at night. Boy is it bright. It is like having a set of headlights in the woods with you.
  • Great but could be better for a Z7

    posted by Twincam1

    Bright, Really Bright. Sturdy aluminum build. Nice Reflector. Real glass lens. Will not start on full blast, so for me it is good, because I use it at work to inspect turbine engine parts. Full illumination is kind of too bright. Full bright comes after 2 half-clicks.
    Bright and well built once you do the job of the quality assurance department. Kind of on the large side but lightweight enough for everyday carry on.
    Shines brighter than an XM-L T6. Has a more natural light output. Better lighting than a WF-501 but not by much. Not sure if the higher price is worth every penny.
  • What a deal!

    posted by Spydey

    Really Bright! Hard to believe it's only 250 lumens manufacturer rated. Clicky works fine; just a slight depress and the next mode is selected! Fits well in hand; not clumsy.
    Surprised at the brightness and how much I got for such little money. Long battery life since light isn't overpowered with mega lumens! It's just a flashlight after all and not a mountain bike light. Considering you get an 18650 and a charger with it for under $US20! Wow.
    Buy it! Love it! Can't go wrong. The only thing, I don't know yet if the charger is any good. It probably is since it merely seems to be the single version of the double battery charger SKU 13820 which has 79 reviews, most of which are positive.
  • Very pleased.

    posted by phillby

    Fit, finish, and workmanship rate very high. Quality parts throughout. You can even feel the quality of the switch. My units are used every day. I am satisfied they will out last previous units. Very nice.
    Nice people to deal with. Had an issue with Customs and it was corrected promptly.
    Will be ordering more units shortly. Delivery times are a bit long, but well worth the wait. Coupled with protected cells, I am a very comfortable customer.
  • The price is right!

    posted by Branja

    Well built, strong aluminum, nice even throw and some flood. (no donut). The light has 2-mode, not arranged in the clicky but in the driver itself!The clip is very conveniant, you can hang it while camping or hang it on your jecket while fishing. In the low-mode you have nice dimmed light and the battery lasts for ever!
    I have put some o- rings in it and I have bypassed the driver. Now it is 1 mode, and pulls 3 amps. I wonder how long it will last, since the heat can't go anywhere. we'll see. If it breaks, I will order a new one, since they are almost for free :)
    Good strong light, some build-issues but you can easily put some o-rings in it yourself and clean and lube the threads. Bottomline; It doesn't come cheaper than this! It is and stays a good strong light, even when you use it as is. Low mode is a battery-saver and is as bright as a standard bike-light. Recommended!

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