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flashlight 18650 ultrafire Customers Reviews

  • Great gun-mountable flashlight

    posted by Nidanman

    Very good build quality, nice black finish with a UltraFire markings on the tipComes with two caps, one with a regular on/off switch and one with a pressure switch.The pressure switch has three buttons, all of them work. It has a nice coiled wire so it is not in the way.The light pattern is pretty good for weapon use, it has a wide flood with a very intense middle point.
    The price is a bit salty, considering it is a surefire ripoff. But the quality is very good so i can recommend this flashlight to anyone.
    Pretty neat gun mounted flashlight, very high quality and finish.
  • BRIGHTEST 1x 18650 as of 9/29/2011

    posted by bullzeye

    Very bright, both total output & hotspot. Tight well defined hotspot 11" inches @ 13" feet distance. Runtime is about 50 min of full brightness then it starts to drop down pretty quick. You look like like a car with H.I.D. head lights when used as a bike light.(hotspot is brighter than a cars H.I.D. head light) It's well made & fits in your pocket Nice color beam. slightly cool but not blue about 5800K same color as sku 33615.
    I did not buy the two mode because it uses a resistor & people said it's low mode is too close to high mode, I thought this three mode would have been like another five mode light I have sku 33615 with well spaced high medium & low, if I knew this light did not I would have bought the five mode, maby this light in five mode does have good spacing. It's reflector looks exactly like sku 33615's but the xm-l is about 2x smaller so it's hotspot is smaller & throws farther. It's total output does look brighter than sku 33615 & it's hotspot is alot brighter.
    About half the price as sku 33615 with higher output this is now my new favorite light. 150 yards of bright light in your pocket. would have been 5 of 5 if low was low not medium.
  • Quite good

    posted by hstyle

    Well made, resistant to the shock. Very bright but I don't know if it is really 1000lumens. When I first open the box I was impressed with the quality of the torch.
    I suggest it as a good deal. I bought it in clearance and the price was reasonable.
    The price can be lower and the lumens value look like not real.
  • Bright flashlight with good spot/spill

    posted by lasermanathome

    Nice construction, distinguished way of cooling,so a fine and reliable flashlight based on the Cree t6 and not pulled to the edge.
    Solid feeling, strong and good looking construction, perfect focussed, no strange artefacts or other strange things.DX should consider to deliver all these kind of flashlights with phosphorescent caps covering the clicky.
    Can be bought without doubt the T6 is a very fine emitter with good efficiency and long lifetime.I dit not test it on waterproof but i can not dive. therefore are other flashlight suitable.One of them has no reflector but an optical unit wich give less spill and much spot.I would like this kind of collimator in such a flashlight like this, for checkint tubes and far away objects, the spill kills the reflected light of the spot at long distance.
  • Happy with it!

    posted by schoofseckel

    The UltraFire TH-T60 is bright, very bright... Im really surprised about the output of this 1-LED flashlight on the max. level! Build quality is perfekt - like all UltraFire products in a heavy and well built cree case. I couldnt wait today until it was dark outside to try it out. I really recommend it to everyone who wants a bright flashlight that still fits in the pocket.
    Not yet testet the life-time, but thats a question of the batteries, not the flashlight. Dont forget to order the 18650ers seperately with a charger.
    I cant tell you if its really 1000 Lumen, but its really bright - also compare to other flashlights in this priceclass... I will use it for lightpainting photography. As i bicycle-light its far to bright. :-)


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