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flashlight 18650 dimmer

On this page, you can find a wide selection of flashlight 18650 dimmer. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Browse the products from flashlight 18650 16340, or some other related Pages like 18650 flashlight t6. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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flashlight 18650 dimmer Customers Reviews

  • Dimming diving flashlight

    posted by balkibalki

    Nice, affordable lamp for spear fishing. Bright. Seems it is good sealed.
    Order silicone grease for o-rings- you will need it later, and put some plastic stopper on strap.
    Good value-for-money ratio. You can use it as normal flashlight too.
  • A very nice light.

    posted by gasbag11

    Very good fit and finish. Glass lens. O-rings on head and tailcap and a GITD O-ring on the lens. No blemishes or scratches anywhere. Comes with a sleeve for an 18650, and a 3XAAA battery holder.
    It has stepless dimming and will ramp up and down while you hold the switch on. No memory, and a quick press and release starts it on high, and then strobe. Press and hold, and it starts on low. Low mode goes down to about 10 lm. It's a decent "thrower" (narrow center beam for distance) and has nice, even "spill" light for closer up. Should throw some light out to 100~125 meters or so.I think 500 lm. is probably very accurate.
    It feels good in the hand, nice and solid, and the switch is where it should be for a thumb. It even came with a peel-off protective film cover on the lens. Overall, I'm impressed and would recommend it to anyone. It seems a step above the usual Ultrafire quality. :)
  • Lots of "light pr.$"

    posted by Bighope

    A fantastic flashlight for people like me (who love flashlights).. Living in Norway with lots of dark nights/evenings, you need too own some flashlights, but this is now my favorite small size,great light flashlight.
    Bright and nice light, in compact flashlight.
    If you feel the standard 200lm flashlights sold everywhere is a bit weak, and need a handy, small, easy to bring along flashlight; this is the right one. and compared to other 200lmsold in Norway, the price is the same!!!Don't think to much, just buy!
  • Very good purchase

    posted by jbrians

    The light is well made and fit and finish is better than expected. The light beam is not so wide as to lose effectiveness at distance. The center spot has good coverage.It has been on 3 dives since arriving. Max depth 45ft to date with no issues.
    I should have ordered 3. Many friends want them now.An optional bundle that includes battery and charger might be an idea.
    The light is robust, bright, easy to use with heavy dry gloves on and has a burn time of well over 2 hours at lower light settings.Well worth the asking price.
  • Good (divers) flashlight

    posted by balkibalki

    Good product, can be compared with much more expensive lamps. Dimmer work fluent from 0-100%Smaller head diameter better protect glass during spearfishing.
    I already have similar 140986 for more then year ago and still work fine. I caused small edge damage of glass but no leaking (dives up to 20m). Now I ordered 31882 as solution.If you disassemble laptop battery you will have more batteries then needed;-)Charger to buy: 12594
    I can recommend this lamp to all spearfishing free divers.Lamp also can be used for home and outdoor sports. I use it also for MTB XC night rides and this is reason why textured reflector will have better flood...

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