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flashlight 1000lm 5 mode

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flashlight 1000lm 5 mode Customers Reviews

  • Great torch

    posted by MichaelB74

    - unbelievably bright,- nice finish (I don't know how durable)- seals seems to be good quality- able to tail stand,- not too large,- fluorescent switch and front ring,- well made threads.
    If the air is clear you can see objects at 500m.Similar power to front car lamp.Light colour tint is cold but not violet.
    Overall superb flashlight.Never seen any more powerful so far.Very good price for what you getI'm buying 2 more fo my family members as gifts.
  • good solid design

    posted by omega777

    good design, easy to use and set up, very strong light output, good hot spot with no dark patch, low power draw
    i bought this to make a torch with my nephew, used pvc pipes as the body a 12v switch in the tail and some perspex as the lens. im using six D cell batteries connecting them directly to this module (thats 9v DC) and it works great, doesnt over heat has a really long battery life (of course) and puts out heaps of light. he wasnt allowed to take it on his school camp to a zoo because they thought it would blind the animals
    if your using it for an upgrade or making a torch from scratch this is a great module to use
  • Nice compact flashlight

    posted by pointmarin2

    Nice compact flashlight. Suitable for tourism, hiking, fishing or hunting. Compact. Good build. Comfortable fit in a clip. Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Not heated. Stable body paint.
    Battery set with a small gap, so rumbles.
    Worthy purchase for reactance tourism, with a little self-refinement can eliminate all backlashes. It is necessary to experiment with setting the focusing lens
  • great flashlight

    posted by RastoSimo

    good build quality and also very stylish. I like it very much. 5 modes are more then most of us need. Tail cap glows in the dark which is not mentioned in description but I was very happy about it, it stays visible for pretty long time.
    mid brithness mode is useless for me. I have many flashlights and I always uses Hi or Lo mode. Maybe some textile or plastic coating would be good so you don't damage it during transport in your bag or pocket.
    great flashlight for very reasonable price.
  • Good ratio of the price and characteristics

    posted by visharu

    1. Bright, range more than 200 meters. But in the city more than 100 meters.2. Low cost. There are no analogs.3. It isn't heated almost. Good cooling. Reliable.
    ColorTemp ~7600K. It isn't bad, as my UltraFire TH-T60 - ~8100K!! P7 was better: ~6500K. Electric current on the button: 0.95-1.00A (max, with two batteries).Runtime: 2 hours 15 min (max), 3 hours 45min (mid), 7 hours (low) - with two batteries.Stable brightness during the work period.Automatic switching off at a discharge of batteries. TrustFire x8 is a little brighter..
    Look at comparison of Flashlights in my photos.

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