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flash universal Customers Reviews

  • The good product.

    posted by acsssobral

    The product works perfectly and fits into the shoes of the flash. The thread mates perfectly with the input provided the camera. The material is of good quality, lightweight, easy to store. You can take him everywhere without taking up much space. I have used both cum a helper as an illuminator light led flash for shooting. The head's on it is very good and offers good mobility to direct the lighting attached to it. A good material was utlizado.
    Without any suggestion.
    Highly recommend to all.
  • Nice but cheap construction

    posted by TheLivingOne

    Portable. Won't take much space in your backpack but always good to have at hand.
    Can be attached to most flashes with moveable head. Holds in place better than I expected.
    Does the job to provide softer lighting while not requiring you to have a white ceiling above your head.
    Buy one if you don't mind a little finish-it-yourself job.
  • Useful things but can not be easy used sometimes

    posted by eugeneljt

    It is very cheapGood enough quality, flexible plastic, one part is black, another is white and semi-transparentHave some mounts points to make it useful
    So this is good price for good thing but sometimes not very compatible with camera and can drop especially when tilt camera forward
    Very useful things which allow to make much more better photos specially at home, also make macro look better
  • All-in-one

    posted by nrh2005

    - it's a reflector and a diffuser in one piece;- it's small;- it's portable;- it comes in a practical case with silver reflector, gold reflector, white reflector/diffuser and translucent diffuser;- it's light;- it's very easy to use;- it fits probably in all speedlites and flash guns;- it fits in several different surfaces due to an elastic with velcro that keeps it in place;- the reflector/diffuser area is mobile due to a rotating and folding joint.
    It serves mainly to reflect or diffuse the light over a small area. It not serves to reflect/diffuse light over an entire person, for example, but over the face or any specific, not big part it's perfect.
    it's worth for the price and the several features to use with a speedlite.
  • Cheap and good

    posted by Vincentgok

    I have been using this for 6 months and all I could say is it had never fail me. It is working well on my YN flash and 60D and 5dii. IT also dont drain alot of battery power. So far, I have yet to change any of the batteries. Oh yah, it uses 2 AAA batteries per receiver. For the trigger, Im not sure.
    Nothing for now.
    Look at the price... is there a need to consider buying? Very good for home studio, but suggest not to get this if you are in commercial photography.

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