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  • The quality added to photo's, Priceless!

    posted by pkwee

    Ok, build quality. The umbrella does the job and the stand is of good quality. So ultimate pro on this stand is. The piece on which the foot of the flash mounts is adjustable! I once bought thé other type which does not have this adjustable mounting foot. The Price! A+
    Wow! Wonderful item, so glad I got to buy this. I use this in combination with my 580EX II and 430EX II mounted in the stand (which both fit). With some adjustments I made this compatible with my standard tripod, which i used to use for pointing the slave flash at walls. Really a must for the beginners! And surely a nice addition to the semi-pro's.
    I haven't tested this yet on outdoor shootings, but surely am going to do so. A recommendation!!

    posted by hahoarg

    Whoever is a photography advanced hobbyst that goes out in the field with a tripod will have need of this sometime or other.Manufacturers of tripods and monopods usually supply this from other manufacturers at such inflated prices that photo amateurs curse them without shame.DX at last is giving them an affordable alternative.I ordered 5 of them and could not be happier.the gizmo works just like a 15 USD suplied by a big name photo maker.
    could be even cheaper.
    any photographer worth his salt needs this somtime duiring the photo shoutouts.
  • Great choice

    posted by Andr3aS

    Easy to use item.All of the screws hold perfectly.Time will show the durability of the umbrella holder.Easy to mount everything with this. I use with my YN 565EX Flashlight without any problem.Many parts made from metal, like the flash mount on the top.You can mount this to a tripod, because you get a standard tripod "converter".
    Maybe the umbrella fixing screw could bigger.
    It's a great holder for this money, you won't regret your buy.
  • Great Studio Holder

    posted by EdgarNeumann

    One of the most important feature of the product is that you can use it mounted on a camera tripod or lighting tripod. It comes with the two kind of screws in the bottom.Perhaps it is cheap, it is a strong product and can easily hold any kind of a external camera flash unit
    The product shows that the manufacturer knows what he does because it has a way to attach it to 2 kind of tripods. Another good thing is that you have the inclination control and the possibilitu to add a umbrella to have a softer and better light.
    I reccomend it.
  • Does the job

    posted by rodceballos

    We mostly bough it for the price and need to connect a video light and a mike to the camera at the same time. It's the right lenght to put the mike on the side and keep the video light above the camera, and the connections fasten securily enough to feel safe.
    I might buy a better on in future but for now the price was a consideration I had to consider.
    It's a good price and does the job well enough considering the price. It fits well in most camera bags and should help you work with a mike and light or flash unit. Just don't stack too much on and expect it to be stable.


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