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Every single flash speedlight diffuser displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Your support is our greatest motivation.

flash speedlight diffuser Customers Reviews

  • what's not to like

    posted by alextorex

    I don't have prior experience with flash diffusers, but this one looks like a great buy and you can't beat the price. It's a good match to my YN-468II flash, fits well and seems to do its job.
    I'm still learning on the best times to use it, found a useful tutorial on youtube that mentions you should never use it outside and, on the inside, only when you have the flash head tilted(at a 45 degrees angle). So maybe it helps others as well.
    Does its job to diffuse the light around. What more can you ask from a $2.2 piece of white plastic?
  • good but not great

    posted by hobiwouane

    the product is pretty good, give a nice diffuse light, is pretty hard to break, and it's really cheap. for this price it's very good but ...
    other then that, it's a great product
    for a yungnuo 460, if you buy it you have to buy a duck tape with it, othe than that go for it ^^
  • Simple yet useful, keep in your camera bag!

    posted by CoryV

    Easy to mount, neutral color, small when stored, comes with storage bag, fair price IMHO, not dirt cheap.
    Make sure you unzip the bag carefully unless the thing pops out and goes flying ;)
    Why didn't anyone come up with this brilliant idea earlier? Over the past decades there's been countless occasions that I wished I had a simple diffuser near at hand, but never thought about or came across this great yet extremely simple solution: slide some cloth over your lens!
  • Perfect Diffuser for my YongNuo

    posted by dalamscius

    I was looking for a diffuser for my YN-565 and grabbed this one based on reviews. I'm happy to report that when it arrived it fit perfectly onto the head of my flash and gave a nice even diffusion to the light. It's material is slightly flexible but still firm enough to hold it's shape. I didn't notice any yellowing that would cause colour shifting either.
    None at the moment
    For the price, you can't go wrong. This diffuser really helps spread your flash out nice and evenly to get clean shots from your camera.
  • I am using in my new Yongnuo 568EX new Flash unit

    posted by chicao77

    It's a great diffuser for the price. The same as other brands like Vello sells 4x more expensive. The exit light is very diffused and well balanced. A must have unit for all pro, semi-pros and beginners' photographers.
    No other thoughts !
    A great plastic light diffuser for the price !

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