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flash reflector Customers Reviews

  • Basic stuff for anyone serious about getting good lighting

    posted by larking

    This reflector is really bread and butter stuff. Either when using flash or in daylight (even indoors it has some effect). Gets some light on the far side of your subject without needing another flash. But it, you won't regret it. The silver/gold/black options are less useful, and it has a diffuser as the middle part (might come in handy as well). Folds down pretty small, I would take this on any shoot (unless its street photography or something).
    Like a lot of items on DX, its hit and miss. Some are totally worth the money, some are a waste of time. But most of these things cost less than half of what you pay at home - so usually you break even!This is definitely a good buy. I do think it could be a bit cheaper. If they had just the white/silver side for cheaper I would buy it. Maybe someday I would find use for the gold/black side.
    If you are serious enough to get accessories beyond the camera and lenses (like flash, tripod, lightstand etc.) and you want to improve your light dramatically for real cheap, this is a non-brainer.
  • Very useful

    posted by Theospaghetti

    It disperses light accurately. I am kind of sad that i only got one of these. I will most likely get another in the future if i find myself getting more in this specific form of photography.
    Definitely get this. the price is great!
    You won't find one of these at a better price. It'll improve the quality of your portraits with little expense to you. get it!
  • 5-in-1 Round Folding Reflector

    posted by m00ck3y

    Its really compact, the price is good, contrary to what i saw in reviews to other items similar to this, mine had no tape around the carying pouch (I sent an email where i asked special atention to this item and i guess DealExtreme staff followed my instructions).
    I'm thinking about buying another someday
    a "must have". Just buy one and try it! It's really good for indoor and outdoor shooting (It might fold a little bit if you'll shoot in a windy day, but that's normal, just hold it tighter!)
  • Yeah.

    posted by kpschoedel

    Lowest price for a reflective umbrella.
    Seems durable enough.
    22" folded.
    Material is some plasticy fabric.
    No, 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church door; but 'tis enough, 'twill serve.

    posted by bratescu1

    Very Large Reflector.People underestimate the importance of the size of a reflector.The larger the reflector the softer the light.This product came quite fast to Eastern Europe - within 3 weeks.
    It's HUGE!The colors and everything else seem OK.It's just a reflector and a light softener.Price may be a little high but considering the size of it it feels within acceptable range.The zipper on the side of the bag may not last too long. I have the feeling it's too cheap plastic.We will see in time...
    BUY IT!Don't bother going for the smaller version of it. This is a very High Quality product despite very small things.

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