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flash drive usb bullet

Finding your favorite flash drive usb bullet is easy in our product catagories. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. 2gb usb flash drive, usb flash drive 4gb may be more suitable for you. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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flash drive usb bullet Customers Reviews

  • Good Flashdrive

    posted by J.Machado

    It`s a good usb flash drive. The real memory is quite up to standards compared to the nominal one. It is really well painted so when it`s closed it really looks like a Bullet. Painting is really uniform and good too. Its not that cheap quality, it alredy fell from my desk like 10 times and it`s still working
    I`ll just give a brief explanation on what i meant by nominal memory. This flash drive, besides being annouced as 4 gb (that`s his nominal memory) only has 3,90 Gb (that`s his real memory), don`t worry its not a malfunction. All memories, and clock processing speeds, have this feature. If you don`t believe me check with your Iphone or any Kingston flash drive. And 3,9 over 4 its a great real memory, i once had a kingston with only 3,75 gb.
    It`s a good product, price could be cheaper, but at least you have a very distinct flash drive, with good quality
  • Nice and large but slow

    posted by andbad

    Aesthetics nice and comfortable. The lid has a rubber seal, but not trust (or immersed in water!).The read speed is sufficient, but not very high.The actual capacity is about 7.4 Gbytes.
    I thought it was heavier, but it's aluminum, probably cable, very light.
    Do not expect great speed performance, indeed it is rather below average, but the appearance is nice and large capacity.The cost is appropriate.
  • Great shaped pendrive

    posted by nagyra

    - the case is made from aluminium- the case VERY good quality- the shape is the same as the real bullets (approximately the aspect ratio too)
    It has threaded cap and a rubber ring on the bottom of the thread. The busy LED on the side which on the USB connector. So you can't see the LED. I think it isn't bad because the real bullet doesn't lighting too. Just weird.
    This price is correct for a shaped USB pendrive I think. We can be buy cheaper a pendrive with 8GB, but NOT a shapped one.

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