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  • cheap and it works

    posted by besietenueve

    works quite well as a diffuser, for both, straight flash and bounced. the quality is good, and it hasn't fallen apart in a couple of months of (ab)use
    the part that is black outside has a silver coating inside, so it can be used as a catch light when bounced to the ceiling, or to block any straight light.
    cheap and it works
  • what's not to like

    posted by alextorex

    I don't have prior experience with flash diffusers, but this one looks like a great buy and you can't beat the price. It's a good match to my YN-468II flash, fits well and seems to do its job.
    I'm still learning on the best times to use it, found a useful tutorial on youtube that mentions you should never use it outside and, on the inside, only when you have the flash head tilted(at a 45 degrees angle). So maybe it helps others as well.
    Does its job to diffuse the light around. What more can you ask from a $2.2 piece of white plastic?
  • Great addition, cheap one

    posted by Nemanja016

    Yellow dome, great addition to outdoor bright sunlight portraits...gives a warmth to skin, instead of white dome which gives us cold skon color...
    it would be great if its made from some more elastic plastic...so we don't have to worry about falling to the ground and breaking :)
    fits well with my P2 Lambency Flash Diffuser w/ Dome Cover for Canon 420EX / 430EX / Sony F36AM I bought here (I got this one with white dome only), same dimensions so no problems...
  • Quite all right, coul be better

    posted by nikolaq

    Ok with the price, it does diffuse the light. Blue and orange is nice, as u can use it with custom WB.
    Bought it primarily as a test tool to try it. It works OK, but to really get studiolike results, you need studiolike equipement - so I'll use this for home use. I find it cool that it has color ones, I plan to use these for night outdoor shooting, as wb compensation for street lighting.
    I like it, could be better build quality, but the price fits it overall condition.
  • Excellent product

    posted by mquinteros

    It works perfectly. Dissipates the light evenly and correctly, giving a better quality of lighting. The materials are of high quality manufacturing. Excellent product!-----------------------------Funciona perfectamente. Disipa la luz uniformemente y correctamente, dando una mejor calidad de iluminación. Los materiales son de fabricación de alta calidad. Excelente producto!
    Nothing more to say :)
    Nothing more to say :)

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