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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase flash card card here and you can save money at the same time. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Customers can also browse credit card flash or card flash 4 to find their desired products. With your support, we can do better.
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flash card card Customers Reviews

  • CF-SATA Cardreader

    posted by a012626

    It works! So much quickly your card how many allows. My CF Transcend 8Gb 133x exchanged the data at 42MB/Sec.
    I use as reading CF instead of USB-cardreader.
    For me (photographer) it is very actual.
    Easy to use and install.
    The old card CF Kingston 1Gb 50x in mode AHCI does not work.
    It simply it is not visible Windows XP 64x and AHCI mode.
    It not a problem of the adapter.
    Very good adapter. Good quality.
  • Great card for the price

    posted by jrrhack

    It looks genuineA lot of space for your digital camera, the speed is pretty fast as expected, it comes with a plastic pouch for carrying.The box came perfectly original with no problems
    I would buy another when I needed for sure.
    Its a great purchase for the price.I hate five hundred character limit.I hate five hundred character limit.I hate five hundred character limit.I hate five hundred character limit.
  • high speed transfer

    posted by Polonium

    - The real thing: Transcend CF 133x
    - Works perfect with my camera: allows me to take more pictures in a shorte time.
    - works also in my Compaq Ipaq
    - solid design, no "fake"
    - High speed reading, high speed writing
    - i hope the 16 MB versions will pop up soon ( for a great price!)
    I would recommend this CF and I hope that very soon bigger CF would be available for a low price.
  • great

    posted by panaderoloco

    Plug and play. NO drivers needed in MAC OSX.
    Transfer rate is very fast, i guess. It takes 15 minutes to transfer a 16GB CF card to my Macbook Pro. It took around 40 to 50 when using a chinese USB reader.
    Buy this if you have an express port, and you need to transfer CF cards to your PC or MAC. It is worth the price.
  • Fully fit for purpose and well built. Recommended.

    posted by journeymanny

    Excellent built. Note that these adapters are passive just internal wiring without electronics required. Better than advertised: Comes in plastic case. Fast shipping.
    These cards will not reduce nor speed up your old laptop. The speed limit will be strictly in your laptop, not in the CF card or the adapter.
    Fully fit for purpose and well built.For older laptops (Win 3.1 or dos) you will need extra PCMCIA flash drivers to recognize CF cards, and some brands of CF work better than others. Sandisk is universally recognized. Others may need more work. Linux recognizes most ever card.

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