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flash canon dslr Customers Reviews

  • good and quality product

    posted by dmitryuv

    Well built, quality product. Battery door could be better, unless you want to throw it on the floor :) Works pretty well, without any missing shots (comparing to built-in Canon wireless which works like 2 of 3 times). As a bonus, can make almost any old flashgun work with new DSLR, for example my Sigma 500Super is now compatible again with new Canon 7d. Going to buy more receivers for studio lighting.
    Additional receiver could be less expensive
    Will recommend to anyone who is looking for robust wireless system for the photography.
  • fixes my off-camera issues

    posted by OneMatt

    -Uses any cat cable. I have used up to 50ft with total success allows the focus assist beam to fire, unlike the wireless flash mode.
    None. It works very well, and I pretty much never take it off the camera/flash. If anything I now want to get another flash so I can use more of this things abilities!
    Worthwhile purchase when you want off-camera flash angles, without first triggering the on-camera flash.
  • Excellent product

    posted by nahuelvega

    Good manual, very graphic, good quality like all the Yongnuo products, fits very well in the canon t3i (600 D), never a miss fire, it's something that you must to have. It comes with 2 very useful cables and all the batteries that you need. Works very well in my Yongnuo and Bower flashes
    In my country something like that cost 10 times this price.
    Buy it, it's too cheap and very high quality.
  • Very good camera flash.

    posted by gogobg1

    Much lower price than Canon's original productHas all the functions I needVery easy to useEasy to set upIncludes a stand and a full user manual in several languages (english, chinese (i suppose :)))
    Batteries are not included in the package. It would be best if it had two batteries in the package so you can test it immediately, but who hasn't got two AA batteries.
    If you are into photography and you need a good camera flash for Canon you should get one of these.
  • Wireless Flash AND Shutter in one!

    posted by leonardlow

    * Flexible - use for wireless flash or wireless shutter release, in a single device.* Good quality cables provided to link with studio flash units (plug AND PC ports), and for wireless shutter use.* Receiver adds a PC Flash Port to cameras that don't have one built in - so any camera with a hotshoe can use this to allow it to sync with studio flash units* Can trigger multiple receivers with single transmitter (cameras or flashes)* Supports half-press for autofocus, full-press for shutter release
    Because this unit supports multiple receivers, and triggers camera shutters, you can use this device to do your own Matrix "bullet time" photography - have multiple cameras with receivers, all pointing at the same subject, then fire them at the same time with the transmitter. :)Comes with cables to (1) link the receiver with camera shutter trigger port (2) link the receiver to studio flash (3) link the transmitter to studio flash (for you consumer DSLR owners who don't have a "PC" flash port, this unit provides one so you can sync with professional studio flash units).
    I'm going to buy a few of these for Christmas pressies for photographer friends. :) Highly recommended. :)

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