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  • This flag is thin, but solid

    posted by cdjstyle

    - The flag is as pictured, in dimension and color (if not a bit more full in color; it looks like they used a backlit desk to take these pictures, and as a result they looked washed out here)- It seems solid. Giving it a couple of tugs on each end doesn't seem to weaken or stretch it at all- It can be washed and dried without fear of colors running (although I can't wholeheartedly suggest washing solely for getting creases out; see cons)
    I bought this 2-pack for a clothing project, not to use as an actual flag on a desk (or similar decoration). I was hoping to use one flag for the clothing, and save the other flag for something else. However, the flags are pretty thin, meaning I'll have to use both at once to get the desired effect.If you actually want to use this as a flag, it'll work, because, unless you're hanging it in pretty windy conditions, you don't want a flag super thick anyway. However, I'm using mine differently, so it's not so great for me, but for most people, it's a good product.
    If you need a UK flag that's small (around the size of a paperback book), this is good for you.
  • A flag.

    posted by Reliku

    It works. It has the right colours and pattern, and it's sturdy enough.
    It's a flag, and it's British! Come on! Who doesn't need a british flag? I mean, I'm not even British!It will do the job on pretty much everything you want to do with it. Whether that means hanging it out the window, using it as wall decoration or just to wrap your monday lunch, it works, and it has exactly the colour scheme you'd want any flag to have: the union jack.Face it, this flag is amazing. And, being a flag, it's absolutely pointless to have if you're not British (like me), but it's amazing nonetheless. I can't imagine many British people who don't have a flag already, so the product is utterly pointless, but if you are, like me, a fan of the united kingdom, this is a fancy piece of wall decoration.
    It's useless, cheap, and does what it's designed to do: hang. No real reason to buy it unless you want one, in which case this one will fit your needs perfectly ;)
  • It is just what you should expect at this price.

    posted by RBNHL

    A nice flag. The blue is really dark blue, as it should be, not as bright as shown in the pictures. The red, however, is really bright indeed.By the way, the number of stars is correct.
    I don't know if it will withstand the elements, nor do I know what the bright colors (especially the red) will look like if it's exposed to the sun. I'll probably know in a couple years...
    If you need a pretty cheap flag and can wait a couple weeks, just buy it.


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