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  • Decent quality flag for decoration

    posted by dgbatchelor

    Very inexpensive.
    It's a good sized flag.
    Colors are sharp and the eyelets are sturdy enough.
    The picture shows a lot of creases in the flags. When I received it, I thought the flag size was too small but it was just folded up in a tight package. After a quick hand wash and tumble dry, it was smooth.
    It's great for indoor use. I wouldn't recommend it for a flag pole, though.
  • cheap and huge!

    posted by oscarscheepstra

    It is large! Very lightweight too. Perfect to bring to concerts, and to hang on my wall!
    No holes to hang it on a pole...
    Change the color of the flag and then you have an awesome product... and if they used a getter fabric the build qualituy would be better. And I would pay for that. But still, it was so cheap I cant complain.
  • Inexpensive display flag

    posted by jetto

    Low price, good quality for the price, this is an easy way to add some color and interest to a space. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region flag in particular is a fetching design which has been reproduced in an eye catching red shade that looks especially striking against a light/white background that allows the center flower to pop. And, it's gigantic!
    If you're thinking of ordering this, don't expect a high quality flag for "real" use - this is a thin thing suitable for indoor display, not something you're going to fly outside. I imagine it couldn't handle too much wear and tear. As always, be aware of what you're getting.
    A cheap option that gets the job done as a display piece!
  • Huge Flag, Nice colors

    posted by Charleywelley

    Colors are bright, Huge Flag, have holes in it so you can hang it or even put it in your bedroom. Came fold in a transparent plastic bag.
    Its a flag, so you probably won't have to touch it a lot of times.
    Very good if you want to hang it in your bedroom like I did as a discovered country. Have bright colors, fabric looks thin but its resistant. Maybe the thickness of the flag could be better. Could be a little more cheaper.
  • It is just what you should expect at this price.

    posted by RBNHL

    A nice flag. The blue is really dark blue, as it should be, not as bright as shown in the pictures. The red, however, is really bright indeed.By the way, the number of stars is correct.
    I don't know if it will withstand the elements, nor do I know what the bright colors (especially the red) will look like if it's exposed to the sun. I'll probably know in a couple years...
    If you need a pretty cheap flag and can wait a couple weeks, just buy it.

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