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You will be surprised our best filter wrench with an artful design and an amazing price. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.

filter wrench Customers Reviews

  • great tool, works as expected.

    posted by speedfreak1o1

    easely removes the oilfilters from your car with this size filters.fit is great, will not damage the filters or anything around the filter on tight cars where usual spanner type tools work poorly.
    havent tested it on any stuck filters yet, done 4 car now with it and it works fine.if the welds do fail welding a extention or a regular socket in its place would make it even better, nearly hopeing it fail so could do it :-) would simplyfy as not needing the adapter.
    great product that works extremly well.price could be a little less, as same price as local autoshop for same thing, but theres are made in plastic. i have used the plastic ones for a loong time, it finnaly broke on a stuck oilfilter.this metal tool feels sturdier, and is reparable if fails as a major pro!good stuff !
  • For those oil filters dificult to remove

    posted by vitordavid

    With this simple tool you can apply all the strenght that is required and you don't feel the filter slipping in your grip.
    Well i must confess that i like to play around with car maintnance. Simple repairs i like to do it in my house garage it relaxes me and i feel complete. For years i have been fighting with my wifes car oil filter. Its on a dificult location and normal filter tools don't have enough grip and its dificult to extract it. not anymore with this tool
    This tool allows you to have a perfect grip and aply enough strenght and torque to move all oil filters. there's no more to feelling of the filter slipping with the normal filter/key

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