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film lomo 35mm Customers Reviews

  • great camera for fun

    posted by alicefrank

    This camera takes 4 pictures in one frame, so it''s different from usual film cameras. It's easy to use, just as a regular film camera.
    It's a fun camera to play with and really cheap. If you desire to try taking pictures with film cameras like in the old days, this is a easy start with fun results.
    Services it's purposes: 4 pictures in one frame at a great price!
  • Cheap awesome super fantastic camera!!!!

    posted by Granvilleisland

    So far I've purchased four various lomography cameras from DEAL EXTREME. I bought two for my kids and two fro a friend children. These cameras are awesome!!!!! These cameras take the most unusually neat photos that you'll come across. We take them when we go for a hike and take nature pictures. You will really see in the photos a different views of nature that you haven't seen before.
    I have two different lens configured lomo cameras. One camera with three lenses and one with four lenses.
    I would totally recommend these lomo cameras. The fun factor is high and the photos that you get out of them are terrific.
  • submarine love

    posted by crlmsa

    It's a great camera! Easy to use, to load the film, to unload it, and it's really waterproof. I went diving and put some money inside the case, and nothing happened. The image quality is as good as other plastic analogue cameras, and I really like their colors. I have tried it only in the sea, but I imagine the results in a pool would be even better, since the water is more clear and blue. It's a simple camera, it seems to be a toy (isn't it?), but it does a great job. Captures movement with no problem.
    Buy it!
    You won't regret.
  • Incredible!

    posted by gasolinemind

    this one is just amazing! i love it, its kinda easy to use, and the fun is guaranteed ! what is also fine, is that you can have the camera with you all the time, cause its really small and cute.
    buy it and have a lot of fun! use it everywhere to take pictures of many different things
    its cheap, funny, with a nice design, and even though its plastic, the camera is awesome. you wont have problems using it and will certainly enjoy the results you'll get :)

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