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fiber board Customers Reviews

  • Excellent quality boards, nice assortment.

    posted by talosds

    * Boards are made of FR-4 fiberglass & epoxy, and not the cheaper FR-2.* Holes are PTH (plated through hole), which means you won't be driving yourself crazy to take a signal from one layer to the other one.* All exposed copper is tinned, which allows for better solderability.
    I would really like to see these kind of boards with some SMD pads.
    A must for simple and not-so-simple prototypes. I am definitely buying a couple more of packs!
  • Brilliant, perfect product

    posted by Lisa1

    Does everything I want it to.Simple product, absolutely no complaints.Every board was perfect, and will reorder.Holes in corners are useful for running cables, or for racking them together.It is of high quality.The colour is nice.Then holes line up with the solder points fairly well +/- 30%.
    If you want some perf board, get this stuff. It does the job like a dream.I've been using it to make full adder circuits, to eventually make a calculator out of transistors only. It is complicated but fun.
    Just buy some, how could you possibly go wrong.
  • Value for money

    posted by chuank

    Simple, well-made, sturdy. Silk-screened labels are well-done, and plating seems to hold up very well. These are so much better than your brown wafer prototyping stripboards, if you're looking to building more permanent circuits.Package came with a tiny pack of dessicant, which is a nice touch.
    Size is great for smaller prototyping projects. The plated-through-hole gives you two layers of prototyping space to work with.
    Get these if you need something more reliable than brown prototyping stripboards.
  • Really good choice

    posted by Eskymak

    Really cheap, good quality and overall look. Holes are big enough, no sharp edges. Metalization is holding well.I used one for 5V power suply and another one for RS232 level converter. Really useful for mounting DIP parts and similar components.Material quality is really good and boards are really clean and ready for soldering.Price for 5-Piece Pack is really good.
    I can just recommend to everyone whos need small universal PCB
    I can just recommend to everyone whos need small universal PCB
  • Good product

    posted by OrionSP

    Good manufacturing quality. The holes are of sufficient diameter to solder the different elements. Metallization holes good. Solder mask is applied accurately.
    The printed circuit board is large, it is convenient to the breadboard circuit. Enough space to accommodate two channel tricky amplifier with discrete elements. But small pads fragile, I'm afraid that due to overheating may peel off.
    A good product for the money. Can be used to develop prototype devices, and for the final product, if there is no desire to produce a PCB.


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