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You will be surprised our best female to female audio adapter with an artful design and an amazing price. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. usb male to female adapter or hdmi female to female adapter may offer more options for you. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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female to female audio adapter Customers Reviews

  • Works really well...

    posted by JuiceNL

    I use this cable to connect my iPod to my stereo, via a usb- and audio cable also bought here on DealExtreme. It works flawlessly. Good build quality.
    Works really well, and as I stuffed them behind my stereo the looks aren't a problem really.
    I'd get these again if I needed more of them. Great purchase. Thanks DealExtreme!
  • Great device

    posted by JST74

    It works great and it's simple to use,. It's a real Plug&Play device.I'm using it with a JESERUM Android TV, wich a I connect to an old TV .I also have tested it using a VGA LED monitor. In both cases it works great and simple.The earphone socket do its work:The sound is good and I didn't notice electronic noise on TV speakers or external loudspeakers.
    It worked as expected. Good for a regular use and really cheaper than other HDMI TO VGA converters.
    Don't think twice, it's a great deal!

    posted by B3N4K

    - Really works- Good sound quality
    I use this one with my mobile phone. I have got 3 of these adapters:- nokia original shipped with mobile --> waggling, sometimes loosing contact, quality of sound was poor- another one original nokia (shipped with mobile of my sister) --> same problems- one shipped with some samsung phone --> same problemBut this is different. It perfetly fits into the 2.5mm hole, waggle just a little (no big deal) but doesn't loose contact. Sound is good - playing music at Nokia E51 with this adaptor and music quality is almost the same as thru computer (little bit quieter, different tone of bass (but i guess it is becouse of shitty equalizer of my mobile)). I use magnifier (Tesla AZS 223) and big stereo repro (with separated bass and treble repros; around 50W at max) and sound is very nice, good-to-listen.In czech republic (that's where i live) sells these for around $10, so this is awesome deal for me :-)I bought two of these and i don't regret it at all!
  • Excellent DP-HDMI adapter

    posted by luotinen

    Does what it promises (converts DisplayPort into HDMI). It's easy to use (plug & play). These are hard to obtain in Europe for licensing reasons, so there is a demand for such a product.
    The build quality doesn't look very robust. So far it has held together.
    An affordable option to convert ** to HDMI.
  • Works perfectly

    posted by mdtdx

    The plugs work perfectly, and the price is great (in my country each plug this costs $ 1 and through dx.com was possible to buy 10 units for less than $ 5). With it is possible to connect any cable P10 (6.35 mm) on a P2 device with input (3.5 mm).
    I use the plugs to connect my phone and laptop to a mixer and also for connecting musical instruments to my computer. Is very useful.
    Sorry for my bad english, I'm Brazilian.

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