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female male wire Customers Reviews

  • Regolar dupont cable

    posted by ranaur2

    The colors of the cable follows the resistor-color code convention (black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, volet, grey, white).I use it to connect arduino boards to external devices.
    Could be cheaper too. 2 bucks for this cable would be a fair price.
    Buy it if you need. Pay attention to male-female versions of the cable.
  • Good value in good package

    posted by mdesros

    Good version of fairly standard RC power connector. You're going to need to dump a good bit of heat at them to get your solder to take, but that's normal for high power connections. Get your vise or third-hand out, because they're gonna be hot hot hot.
    I'd trust these for ~30A continuous, maybe. Depends on the gauge wire you have coming in, and how much solder you dump at your connection.
    For the same price you pay for a pack of ten here, you may just get one pair somewhere else. I'm definitely going to come back and buy another pack or two or six some time in the future.
  • High quality, very useful

    posted by joe_weisman

    A great way to connect your Arduino, relay board, or any other electronic card with the rest of the world. Long enough the cut for male/female to soldered leads, as needed.
    Gotta order more of these!
    Good quality, very convenient in DIY electronics projects.
  • Does its job

    posted by happypc

    Works as expected. PS/2 mouse or keyboard connects through USB. The biggest Pro is that, while USB-to-PS/2 adapters are very common, these PS/2-to-USB adapters are often difficult to find. Green to match mouse port.
    If you are a computer technician, pick up a few of these; they will definitely come in handy.
    Definitely useful, and the price can't be beat for such an uncommon item.
  • very usefull adaptor to prevent resouldering plugs

    posted by maiki12

    Hassle free adaptor to be used when you have tamiya plug escs and deans plug batteriesUsefull to prevent resouldering plugs. Thus preventing it from possible mistake on souldering.Great for those who dont know how to soulderUsefull in a situation where your esc is tamiya plug. And you want to borrow battery but his battery is drans plug. You can use this adaptor
    Try making plug adaptors that are directly connected example. Tamiya plug then a very short cable then deans so there wont be dangling cables that might hit and rotating part inside the rc
    Must have atleast one.

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