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faucet filter Customers Reviews

  • watertemperatuur visualizer

    posted by aendvandijK

    We had first ordered a larger but that did not work well on a lower water pressure, this does it well we have a geyser and which will give less pressure at hot water the colors of this toy work well: Blue, green, red hot warm cold still a nice warning if you wash off are we would also buy another one in a shower head for when we are on vacation and it has no thermal faucets is This is a nice tool. to make a long story short: do you have a hot water faucet that what gives less pressure this is a good choice
  • FUNNY and COOL

    posted by chiMol

    Fast install easy to operate perfect fit to standard sink correct temperatures ( colors ) Really 3 (+1) mode (colous)
    its little bit noisy the sound like a turbo GRGRGRRGGGRRGRGG but is funny :)
    overall it's ok cool , funny , and everybody like it ;) children like to wash them hands often :)
  • great!!!!!!!!!!!!

    posted by jahpeace777

    Nice facet led filter.excellent stuff.great colours the price is ok,shipment was great,and package was good.love it alot and my mom will hopefully love it to.great,great,great,great,great and great.
    love it very much.buy it if you love gadgets.great colour changing style gadget your children will love.in a scale of 1 to 10 it's 8.
    buy it!!!!!you will not regret it,nice for kids to enjoy.
  • I love mine, too!

    posted by normofthenorth

    Like the other reviewers, I love this gizmo! It seems to work just right, straight out of the package. I also bought one of the battery-operated ones (CR2025 button cell) here, and it only worked a short time. (Replacing the battery only helped for a VERY short time.) This one SEEMS as if it will hold up much better. It's also shorter (handy in my bathroom sink) and makes a nice stream.
    We've got an "on-demand" or "tankless" hot water heater (some foolishly say "instantaneous") -- actually a "combo" unit that also heats the water in our radiators and our radiant floor heating system. Esp. in the Summer, it takes longer for the DHW to get hot. With this, I can leave it running while I shave, and know that the LED will tell me when it's "there".
    BTW, the light intensity drops with low flow, and at a trickle, there's no light.
    My "purple" seemed more blue, and might be more blue than it was at first. Terrific either way, maybe I'm hallucinating.
    Great gizmo! Hope it lasts for many years.
  • Works as advertised!

    posted by a_t_2000

    It's smaller than I expected, which is a plus. I've used older battery-powered designs before that were so big as to make the sink almost unusable.
    The colours in the description above are in the wrong order, as noted in a comment posted below. The unit I have is blue for cold, green for warm, and red for hot. Which is exactly what I expect.
    For the price (which is less than half the price of a battery-powered one I bought locally that only lasted a month), this is a steal of a deal.

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